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Silver Harmony
22 Apr 13 9:08 am - Silent Hill Picspam
Oh man. This is so late. Like, months late. But as they say, better late than never, right?

Thanks Brenda for this photo!

Welcome To Silent Hill.Collapse )

I have such a huge backlog of photos to post here ;__; I have 1 x Vocaloid, 2 x other horror cosplays and 1 x DBZ to post after this. I hope I can get off my butt and do them soon DX

~ Harmony
Gods I haven't really been here for a while, so busy with work/family. How is everyone going? :) Hope all of you have had a great holiday break and a happy new year! Just a few updates:

Archive Of Our Own

Thanks to moonblader, who sent me an invite, I recently got myself an Ao3 account! I'm very slowly and gradually posting all my fic there. I'm really quite impressed with the archive, it's SO much more user-friendly (and has way more quality fic) than FF.Net. Flist, if you have an account too please send me the link so I can subscribe to you :D In the meantime, here's mine:


Lovesick Dead

Last shoot of 2012 (yeah I know, I still need to upload Silent Hill photos here, but since there's a lot of those I'll do that later) was a brief but very special shoot as 2012 marked the 25th anniversary of Junji Ito's work. He's dished out such beautiful horror for 25 years and here's hoping that he'll bring us lots more horror for the years to come!

The shoot was for Junji Ito's Lovesick Dead (also known as Undying Love), with myself as the creepy Intersection Pretty-Boy and tehcrayonofdoom as my Schoolgirl Victim.

Thank you Icie for these photos!

And now clicky for my cosplay in review 2012.Collapse )

So far, concrete plans for 2013 include a shoot for The Witch's House which is next week (I can't resist my horror!), as well as the Androids from DBZ (costumes are long finished, just need photos) and DGM second uniform (although we need to find someone to be our Lenalee). Other possible shoots include Devil May Cry and a bit of Vocaloid here and there which is so not a surprise lol.

Have a great 2013 everyone. :)

~ Harmony
4 Nov 12 5:32 am - "Allergy Training"
This might seem like a really weird and random entry but I thought I might post this up to record and share my experiences with suddenly developing a food allergy out of nowhere (which apparently happens pretty rarely in adults) and how, strangely and miraculously, I also managed to "cure" myself of it (I think).

I might leave this entry public just in case anyone out there who doesn't know me might want to read it as well.

My cheese allergy.Collapse )
8 Oct 12 11:26 am - Ermahgerd, Turchwad
Sorry I haven't been updating much. Most of you who are on my f-list have me on Twitter though, which I'm on daily, so at least you know how I'm going just from reading my tweets there. XD

Did a Torchwood photoshoot a few months ago - I cosplayed as Tosh and we had a full group. Yep, this is another super-late picspam :/

But hooray for British TV shows! First time cosplaying from one. About time too, since I'm so addicted to them, and to the Doctor Who / Torchwood universe in general.

Thanks rayfy_chan for this photo!

Click for more of the photoshootCollapse )

My life feels pretty much complete having done not only this photoshoot but a Silent Hill cosplay photoshoot as well, for which we also managed to gather together a full group. Two fandoms I've been more attached to in the last couple of years than anything else! The Silent Hill picspam will be coming next. :)

~ Harmony
No, I haven't been cosplaying like a crazy person - apart from going to Supanova I've actually done nothing in these last couple of months. I just have a lot of backlog from past shoots that I haven't posted yet XD

Anyway, here's something a little different - I did a cosplay for Tomie two months ago.

Thanks Icie/rurumi and rayfy_chan for these photos respectively!

More horror under the cutCollapse )

Well, that's it for now. I had a lot of fun on this shoot, and I would like to do more Junji Ito cosplays someday (accompanied by tehcrayonofdoom who is thankfully also a huge Ito fan) lol. I have my eye on you, Remina - and Marusou too! We'll see if we have the time to spare.

~ Harmony

EDIT: Thank you to the Junji Ito Index for featuring this cosplay
17 Jun 12 11:37 am - Saturdayyy
Hope everyone's having a fun time at Supanova today while I wrap myself in a cocoon of blankets at home and rest XD

Behold my 'blerrrrhhhhh' face from yesterday

Picture stolen from moonblader. Also that's her beautiful moe face on the right.


Not sure when we'll shoot these outfits as we have to wait for kaiya02 to finish her Trunks outfit first (and we're trying to drag in Bubby/Alan to be our Android #16 lmao). Until then, there's always my 'blerrrrhhhhh' face! >:U

~ Harmony
All previous Vocaloid cosplays can be found here.

As promised, here are picspams of the last two Vocaloid shoots I haven't posted here yet. Both PVs were set in the forest too, requiring both of them to be shot amongst the trees - and mosquitoes - so since the setting is similar I thought I may as well put them together XD

Thanks moonblader and rayfy_chan for these photos respectively!

Pics under the cutCollapse )

A very special shout-out to rurumi who was a helper on both of these shoots ♥ it wouldn't have been what it was without you. And thanks heaps to everyone else who was involved!!

Well, that's the last bit of Vocaloid backlog for now. These photos are actually a few months old (yeah, I'm posting late again) - haven't shot any more Meiko since. xD Until next time! :)

~ Harmony
21 May 12 12:12 pm - More Vocaloid Picspams
All previous Vocaloid cosplays can be found here.

I haven't really been posting many entries here because everything in my life's been pretty dull and not worth posting/reading XD but at least I've done a few shoots since the last entry so I can finally start picspamming here again. Sort of.

One of them is a super-cute Vocaloid PV called Futari No Harmony (eng. title Twosome Harmony), which I've loved for ages, so it was a pleasure to shoot this <3

Thanks rayfy_chan for the photography!

Futari No Harmony PhotoshootCollapse )

EDIT 21 OCTOBER 2012: Decided to edit this entry to include a photoshoot from August, since I didn't feel like making a new entry for it lol. Senbonzakura group shoot go ~

Thanks rayfy_chan for the photography!

Senbonzakura PhotoshootCollapse )

Haven't got any more Vocaloid shoots planned yet but keep an eye out - might get some more in soon!

~ Harmony

I noticed recently that the username "silverharmony" finally got freed up on Tumblr (someone else was using it before). So naturally, I quickly made a grab for it xD yay!


A number of you are already following me on my current Tumblr (account name "harmonization"). As of now please consider "harmonization" as my personal/fandom Tumblr, and "silverharmony" as my cosplay Tumblr.

From now on, I'll be posting my cosplay-related stuff on the "silverharmony" one so I can separate it from the fandom spam I normally do on the "harmonization" account. I'm going to start uploading a small number of old favorites first (and what better to start with than some Eyeshield 21?), and then most/all of the newer and newest ones.

I know that a few people from deviantART as well as here on LJ followed me on "harmonization" already, so if you originally preferred to see only cosplay posts instead of my fandom/personal posts and reblogs, you're most welcome to follow me on the new account and unfollow me on the old one if you wish :) or if you're happy to follow both, you're obviously most welcome to too XD


I made this account when the site first started up but I never uploaded anything on it because I was so lazy lol. I just started uploading stuff onto it today and hopefully I'll get into the habit of uploading over there.


Will follow my friends back, so please either follow me or let me know what your account is so I can follow you?

Love to you all, hope you're doing well.


~ Harmony
6 Jan 12 1:30 pm - 2011 Cosplays In Review
Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone!! How have you all been? Sorry, I haven't been online that much lately (I've even been neglecting Twitter, which is where I normally spend most of my time) and thus I'm way behind on reading all your journal entries. But I'll make more of an effort from now on.

Wanted to do a 2011 review of all my cosplays as I did for 2010 last time. :) 2010 was a crazy year in which I was super-enthusiastic and I ended up doing 18 photoshoots ... 2011 I had less time to sew costumes (considering one of them, the Trinity Blood one, was a huge project), so I ended up with much less.

2011: Cosplay In ReviewCollapse )

I haven't sewn any costumes since Seth. I've been so lazy :/ that was in August! It's the 5th month now lol. (Or maybe that's an indication that I'm getting a life? Haha).

Happy 2012 everyone :)

~ Harmony
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