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'Rare' Fandoms

Buah, sickness isn't the loveliest thing in the world. I'm still getting exhausted every day while dreading writing that last essay for my Film Class. At least I'm putting it off so that I could do other, more useless stuff, like avoiding the Altador Cup (for those Neo people who know what I'm talking about), avoiding the World Cup (which is just as bad), and continuing to regenerate my love of old, unknown fandoms.

Okay, I'll get to the point. I have rediscovered my love for Emily Rodda's Teen Power Inc. series, which I absolutely ADORED when I was like nine or ten years old. I haven't read all of the books - probably only half of the series - and I own even less (I sadly only have six in my bookshelf, although more is on the way). And I contacted stupid Scholastic, who said that under the new name Raven Hill Mysteries, the only books that have been reprinted are the six that I have, and they don't reprint the old copies anymore. Not to mention that most of the copies in the library went mysteriously missing. Buah.

It's so frustrating getting into a 'rare' fandom like this though. In my search throughout the past few weeks, I have only found ONE fanfiction on this series, and it was a one-shot that was so short that I literally took less than 30 seconds to read it. I had this problem last time with Candy Candy, although that wasn't so severe. At least I managed to find an underpopulated forum and a somewhat sparse fanfic archive for Candy Candy (along with a small section in dedicated to it), although it was a bit disappointing because most of the writers didn't know English very well but wrote in English o_O

Anyway, back to rare fandoms and Teen Power: I got so frustrated that I actually started writing a Nick/Richelle fic (don't you just adore them? They're very well-suited to each other, I think, as love interests). It's nowhere near finished but it's moving along well. I was considering starting an LJ Community on Teen Power too, just a casual one, since there are enough listed people interested in it but no community to bring them together. Although I realize that it may be a little over-ambitious to do that - it'd be a bit pointless if no one joins. I'll still think about it though.

Has anyone else had problems with 'rare fandoms' like this? What fandoms did you love and got frustrated with because there weren't enough people who shared the same enthusiasm for the fandom? Come and share!

~ Harmony
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