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Right, so I know that about 90% of the population might reckon Eurovision is extremely dorky and hilarious, but I happen to think it's great (especially since we don't get that kind of stuff in Australia, and that I really like European stuff).

Firstly, what happened to Hungary? And Serbia & Montenegro?! I happened to generally like both countries' songs in the past few years.

Latvia! Singing a cappella (doesn't that remind you of our wonderful Harmoneh?). Don't know what the robot had to do with it though. Their performance would have been better had they not used it and tried to do a bad imitation of Michael Jackson.

Russia: "Never never let you go!" - It's stuck in my head. I don't know about everyone else, but I got really annoyed at the way he kept stretching his neck really out, so you can see all the veiny bits. Yuck.

Boznia & Herzegovina: A long way away from Deen (if anyone remembers): "In the Disco!!!" Half-nekkidness anyone? But no, this number was quite good. I loved that girl's dress.

France: The only thing good about this song was the cello. Sorry if I offended any French people.

Ukraine! Wasn't she so cute? What are the lyrics anyway? I swear something sounded like "You'll be my butt."

Croatia: For all you Neopets people who might know what I'm talking about, doesn't the lead singer look like a breadfish? I think it's the LIPS </lucius>


Lithuania: "We are the winners ... of Eurovision." I'm glad they didn't win. Although I think it's clever in a way how they're in suits like politicians dictating ideologies and stuff.

And of course ... Finland. I like the drummer, and the keyboardist was so funny ^__^ Congrats to Finland for winning this year. I'm glad that a group that didn't sing a 90's song and wasn't an ABBA wannabe won.

Yay. I love Eurovision ^_^ Can't wait for the next year!

~ Silver

P.S. Does anyone know where I can download Eurovision songs?
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