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RPGMaker Horror Cosplay Picspams

The slow rate at which I'm uploading my cosplay picspams is just getting embarrassing now. But I've managed to get quite a backlog so I figured I should get off my ass and do some!

This time, it's RPGMaker horror games, which I'd grown quite addicted to over the last year. (And if you know me, you'll know by now that I'm a huge horror addict; this was pretty much destined really). So here's our The Witch's House and Ao Oni photoshoots! I'm really hoping to do IB at some point in the future, too.

Thanks Peppanda and Icie for these photos respectively!

The Witch's House: I love this game so much! Played it twice with friends so far and I'd still play it again. It's surprisingly so creepy for a game of its style. This was a relatively simple cosplay for me to put together, although the gore makeup for the gouged-out eyes was a challenge - but a great learning experience! I hope to improve on it though. Damn, why do I love cosplaying scary characters so much haha. Anyway - my blouse was borrowed and I already had the dress in my wardrobe, so all I really had to do was make the head bow (and obviously, the special effects makeup for my gouged-out eyes).

Ao Oni: I still can't believe we did this shoot lol ~ but I'm glad I managed to cosplay such a great loltastic game with an amazing group! Doing Takuro was a lot of fun. (Literally required almost no effort yay, I already had all the clothes in my closet and a wig that was perfect for him).


Harmony/myself as Ellen | tehcrayonofdoom as Viola
Photography by Peppanda and rayfy_chan (thank you!)

(Honestly, tehcrayonofdoom and I flailed when we saw this desk.
It looks so much like the ones from the game! Accuracy FTW!).

(Myself as Ellen! It's hard to pull off a little girl at my age, but I hope I managed :P)

The teddy bears of doom. (They made me jump in the game lol).

I'm a creepy stalker.

Madness setting in.

The chase scene.
(I'm glad my gore makeup for my gouged-out eyes was generally a success! I'll do better next time :D).

The bad end = the true end.

*SPOILERS* And Ellen, trying out her new skin. ;) (This was such a fantastic shot to do. Camera angle tricks FTW!
It was challenging finding an angle where it looks like I'm tehcrayonofdoom's reflection, but somehow we managed it).


(The story behind this shot: I was basically completely blind because of the gore makeup on my eyes and it was super-exhausting to pose in a crawling position for half the photoshoot, so I kind of just faceplanted like that once in a while to rest. Clearly everyone else found this very funny because they took this shot without telling me - I couldn't see a thing!)


Harmony/myself as Takuro (Version 6) | tehcrayonofdoom as Hiroshi | headdeskben as Takeshi | arlo_arleh as Mika | t8_steve as The Oni
Photography by Icie, Collin and Planeswalkerlx (thank you!).

Takuro and Mika hiding out.

(Yeah, we know they're never really all together in the game except the beginning.
Doesn't stop us from being creative with shots though :P)

(The parts of the game where it was so dark you could only use the lighter were stressful haha.
I suppose the above two shots are dedicated to those moments!).

Takuro's bane.

Takeshi's bane.

Mika's bane.

(This shot was pretty funny to do lol.
t8_steve was blind behind me with his huge mask on and half-confused XD).

*SPOILERS* I'm pretty sure these two shots make sense to those familiar with the game :P
It's the part where Hiroshi puts in the final blue puzzle piece on the wall, lol.

Don't turn around. :P

A very special shout-out to moonblader, alita_b_angel and Gigi who were helpers on these shoots ♥ Thank you so much! It wouldn't have been possible without you.

I'll try to get through the rest of my photoshoots backlog soon! DX Currently I have 4 x Vocaloid, 1 x DBZ and 2 x horror that I haven't posted here yet. So behindddd.

(Remember to add me on deviantART and my Facebook if you haven't already! I'm most active on these two when it comes to cosplay and progress etc.)

~ Harmony
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