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Yet Another G'n'H Art And Thread Title Poll

Since no one's done the Art Poll yet, even though we're speeding through the thread (*gaspeth*) and Arpeggio said that 'someone has to do it, Harmony!' I've done the Art Poll yet again. XD

It's pretty much the same choices as last time - I hope you guys don't mind - besides, some of you may have voted for something that didn't win last time and you want to vote for it again, etc. etc.

Also: Silver, if you see this entry when you wake up, please vote :P

S's Edit: *sleepily* ... Wha?


1. Harry and Draco by sherant

2. Harry and Draco [another one] by sherant

3. To Have And To Hold by red_rahl

4. A Proper Goodnight by red_rahl

5. The Proof Absolute by linnpuzzle

6. Harry + Draco by Emi

7. Harry and Draco by Emi

8. Pawn to D3 by Naadi Moonfeather

9. Untitled by _littlun_

10. Untitled by bluestraggler

11. Harry/Draco by kit_ying

12. Longing by questofdreams


No, The Collar Isn't For Snuffles
Because Draco Is Harry's Whorecrux!
H/D: They Don't Have To Be Saved, As Long As They Die Snogging
Dysfunctional Passion: Because Happily Ever After Is Boring
Threatening Lucius Malfoy's Sanity

And the newest addition, inspired by the Buckbeak discussions:

Even Buckbeak Knows How Slashable Draco Is

Along with a potential thread title suggested by DA for when we finally beat the Pumpkinites (not recommended for the upcoming thread, seeing as we haven't beaten PP yet, but I put it here as reference for one of the future threads):

A Post A Day Brings The Pie This Way

~ Happy Voting! (Again) ~
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