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Silent Hill Picspam

Oh man. This is so late. Like, months late. But as they say, better late than never, right?

Thanks Brenda for this photo!

2 years after I first did a shoot for this costume, looked at the photos and said "WOW I'M UGLY", I finally managed to re-do my cosplay and hopefully avenge myself lol.

The costume was relatively quickly put together by me a few years ago. Fixed up my makeup and wig, both of which looked absolutely terrible back then, so it's more accurate to Heather this time around. I know this cosplay is far from perfect and that I'm not a great Heather (how do you Caucasian?? LOL), but I do love the SH games intensely, love her as a character and had lots of fun cosplaying her so I hope I did okay.

Anyway, what you're looking at is a photoshoot with about 2 years' worth of planning and organizing behind it. o__O In the end though, it was worth the organizing pain even though I feel like I'm gonna die lol. We have ALL the protagonists - a complete set from SH1 all the way up to Downpour which is currently the last game in the series (except Shattered Memories because it's an alternate universe and it'd be strange to have two Harrys, of course xD) - and the most iconic monsters! Everyone involved in this shoot were so amazing and passionate. I'm really happy to have been able to cosplay one of my favorite game series ever with such a wonderful group of people.

Extra: Entire Pyramid Head costume was made by t8_steve and myself. Travis' vest was also modified and sewn by me.


t8_steve as Harry | aegwynn_aran as James | Harmony/myself as Heather | tehcrayonofdoom as Henry | Mark as Travis | Liam as Alex | rayfy_chan as Murphy
kawak as Pyramid Head | Varia as Bubblehead Nurse | athira as Bubblehead Nurse
Photography by rayfy_chan, ryokophoenix, Brenda, Ron and Liam
Additional photograher: strawbarry_gurl (Lol we haven't got her photos yet so they're not shown here xD)

Note: please bear in mind that because we had so many different photographers on the day, there are truly varying photography styles here. That's why some of the photos have a really different feel from the other photos; this is due to the individual creativity of each photographer.

Here be the protagonists!

Harry: Silent Hill 1. (Yes we know there were no Bubblehead Nurses in SH1. Ssssshhhh.)

James: Silent Hill 2. (With special cameo by Pyramid Head.)

Heather: Silent Hill 3. I'M SORRY FOR MY FACE.

Henry: Silent Hill 4.

Travis: Silent Hill Origins.

Alex: Silent Hill Homecoming. (Also with special cameo by Pyramid Head lurking back there behind the grate).

Unfortunately our Murphy was also one of our photographers lol, he was running around taking photos so sadly there are no solo shots of him. We got him in group shots though!

Also, Pyramid Head.

A few extra shots!

Harry being cornered.

James being - well, more than cornered 8|

Henry in despair.

And everyone all together. INCLUDING MURPHY who was told to put his camera down. XD

I have such a huge backlog of photos to post here ;__; I have 1 x Vocaloid, 2 x other horror cosplays and 1 x DBZ to post after this. I hope I can get off my butt and do them soon DX

~ Harmony
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