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Ao3, Lovesick Dead & Cosplays In Review 2012

Gods I haven't really been here for a while, so busy with work/family. How is everyone going? :) Hope all of you have had a great holiday break and a happy new year! Just a few updates:

Archive Of Our Own

Thanks to moonblader, who sent me an invite, I recently got myself an Ao3 account! I'm very slowly and gradually posting all my fic there. I'm really quite impressed with the archive, it's SO much more user-friendly (and has way more quality fic) than FF.Net. Flist, if you have an account too please send me the link so I can subscribe to you :D In the meantime, here's mine:


Lovesick Dead

Last shoot of 2012 (yeah I know, I still need to upload Silent Hill photos here, but since there's a lot of those I'll do that later) was a brief but very special shoot as 2012 marked the 25th anniversary of Junji Ito's work. He's dished out such beautiful horror for 25 years and here's hoping that he'll bring us lots more horror for the years to come!

The shoot was for Junji Ito's Lovesick Dead (also known as Undying Love), with myself as the creepy Intersection Pretty-Boy and tehcrayonofdoom as my Schoolgirl Victim.

Thank you Icie for these photos!

Harmony: 2012 Cosplay In Review

For me, 2012 was a year of Vocaloid and horror (horror is never not fun) with a dash of Torchwood:

Left to Right
1st row: Meiko, Lamento ver. | Meiko, Futari No Harmony ver. | Meiko, Futairo ver.
2nd row: Tomie, school uniform ver. | Tomie, Painter ver. | Meiko, Senbonzakura ver.
3rd row: Tosh (Torchwood) | Heather (Silent Hill 3) *RESHOOT* | The Intersection Pretty-Boy (Lovesick Dead)

Not pictured above: Android #17 from Dragon Ball Z, Cyrus (SMASH! Mascot) military ver., and Meiko Scarlet ver. since they were only worn to cons and I haven't actually done photoshoots for them yet. This cosplay review pertains to photoshoots ONLY and doesn't include costumes worn to cons; once I've done shoots for them I'll include them in my 2013 cosplay in review! :)

So far, concrete plans for 2013 include a shoot for The Witch's House which is next week (I can't resist my horror!), as well as the Androids from DBZ (costumes are long finished, just need photos) and DGM second uniform (although we need to find someone to be our Lenalee). Other possible shoots include Devil May Cry and a bit of Vocaloid here and there which is so not a surprise lol.

Have a great 2013 everyone. :)

~ Harmony
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