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Sorry I haven't been updating much. Most of you who are on my f-list have me on Twitter though, which I'm on daily, so at least you know how I'm going just from reading my tweets there. XD

Did a Torchwood photoshoot a few months ago - I cosplayed as Tosh and we had a full group. Yep, this is another super-late picspam :/

But hooray for British TV shows! First time cosplaying from one. About time too, since I'm so addicted to them, and to the Doctor Who / Torchwood universe in general.

Thanks rayfy_chan for this photo!

I made Tosh's skirt from scratch and everything else of hers I put together really quickly (my glasses & shoes were 100% accurate to her, for which I'm so glad). It was a pleasure to cosplay & portray her; I love her a lot. And everyone else in my group is so amazing ;A; I was practically screaming when all these photos came back because of how stunning they are. It was an honor to do this shoot with all of them.

Special thanks goes to mis_v who helped me draft a pattern for Tosh's skirt, thus making my life easier when I started making it; and our Suzie tehcrayonofdoom who lent me her wristwatch & skin-colored stockings to complete this costume and also housed me while I sewed my skirt at the eleventh hour xD


Harmony/myself as Tosh | k_chan009 as Jack | j_plash as Ianto | headdeskben as Owen | Liz as Gwen | tehcrayonofdoom as Suzie
Photography by rayfy_chan

Note: please bear in mind that we're all Australian cosplayers and couldn't fly to Cardiff just to do a hobby photoshoot LOL. In spite of this we did our best shooting at the location we had at our disposal.

Our hawt Captain Swishy-coat.

Beautiful broody Ianto *__*

Our lovely Gwowen pair.

Sexy Suzie ;)

I'M NOT BEAUTIFUL ENOUGH TO BE TOSH but oh well, I tried. :'D

(I always did have mixed feelings about the Gwowen affair in the show.
But still love the shots that came out of this :D)

Inspired by you all probably know which shot. ♥

(Forever hurting from Towen feels ;__;)

A possible backstabbing in progress. :P

A shot inspired by the 'Combat' episode.

UST!Gwowen. *Waggles eyebrows*

(Had to have this shot, considering Suzie and Owen had a history. xD)

(Lol'ing at that playboy smirk.)

And Torchwood Three all together. Lol please ignore our height differences.

My life feels pretty much complete having done not only this photoshoot but a Silent Hill cosplay photoshoot as well, for which we also managed to gather together a full group. Two fandoms I've been more attached to in the last couple of years than anything else! The Silent Hill picspam will be coming next. :)

~ Harmony
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