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Hope everyone's having a fun time at Supanova today while I wrap myself in a cocoon of blankets at home and rest XD

Behold my 'blerrrrhhhhh' face from yesterday

Picture stolen from moonblader. Also that's her beautiful moe face on the right.

tehcrayonofdoom and I cosplayed Androids #18 and #17 respectively! I grew up with DBZ so it was awesome to go back to my childhood with this one. MY SISTAH IS SO BEAUTIFULLL.

Doing #17 wasn't nearly as simple as I initially imagined. I was originally going to take the easy way out and do his plain belt version, but at the very last minute my inner cosplay-OCD took over and I ended up making his detailed double belt version (all my lols at him carrying a gun when he can blast people with his finger).

And yes I managed to find his horrible fluro green socks as well! (Very bottom photo. They were expensive, but worth it for the cosplay accuracy). I had to use fabric paint to turn a white pair of canvas shoes blue though, as I couldn't find a cheap blue pair anywhere. And for the pants, I personally wasn't too keen on the idea of using regular jeans like other cosplayers have done because all pictures show his pants as being a really bright blue. So since my mom had a pair of pants like that, I just borrowed off her lol.

And after all that there was the GLORIOUS 90'S HAIR. Styling the wig to give it that extra "boof" was kinda fun and in the process ended up giving me ACCURATE MASSIVE FOREHEAD lol. Tried some new makeup techniques as well to get that angry manface effect X'D

Picture stolen from rayfy_chan.

The con itself

... Was honestly a little bit underwhelming as it was crowded/stuffy and there wasn't that much to do, but it was still great because at least I got to see my beautiful friends (more or less my only reason for going). I pretty much died halfway through though and ended up just chilling out upstairs in the last 1.5 hours or so because I'd only slept like 2ish hours the night before X'D (not sewing or anything, I'd finished everything by then. I just couldn't sleep).

We ran into heaps of other DB cosplayers at the con though, and it was fun taking crack photos with them *__*

It was really awesome that the con was full of DB fans in general as well, because I handed my cosplay card over to everyone who took a photo of us. I brought along 45 cos-cards thinking "meh, I'll only end up handing out a few of these" but I ended up running out of cos-cards to hand out halfway through the con - that's about 3 hours in. That's a lot of DB fans considering I only gave one card to each photographer! Thanks everyone for your support!

Not sure when we'll shoot these outfits as we have to wait for kaiya02 to finish her Trunks outfit first (and we're trying to drag in Bubby/Alan to be our Android #16 lmao). Until then, there's always my 'blerrrrhhhhh' face! >:U

~ Harmony
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