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Forests Galore! ... Yes It's Vocaloid.

All previous Vocaloid cosplays can be found here.

As promised, here are picspams of the last two Vocaloid shoots I haven't posted here yet. Both PVs were set in the forest too, requiring both of them to be shot amongst the trees - and mosquitoes - so since the setting is similar I thought I may as well put them together XD

Thanks moonblader and rayfy_chan for these photos respectively!

Futairo: This was a very simple shoot, but I've been wanting to cosplay this PV for years now because I love the song. It's so pretty ;__; this costume was so easy to put together, it barely required any work at all. Scarf and dress were already available in my wardrobe, I just had to sew lace trim onto the bottom of the dress and a waist-tie at the waistline. Leather cord was also readily available for my wrist and ankle as shown in the original PV.

Lamento: I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that there was a Kaito/Meiko cover of the theme song from the Lamento BL game. Covers of existing songs don't always turn out great but not only was this a pretty cover, it was generally a really pretty PV too! It's strange for them to have chosen KaiMei since Meiko is a girl, but nonetheless it's a lovely homage to the original game. Costume construction was really easy, did most of it in a day or two. Headscarf, faux leather bikini & fingerless gloves made & sewn by me. Ears & tail also made by me. The leather-look shorts were bought. XD

(Based on the Futairo costume designs - final outfit)

Harmony/myself as Meiko | itakoaya as Luka
Photography by moonblader, Bubby and rayfy_chan (thank you!)

Please excuse the inconsistency in the photographs - this is owing to the individual creativity of each of the three photographers and their different visions for the shoot. :)

My beautiful Luka <3

(I like how it could look like I'm looking at something mystical or magical xD).

A song in pictures.

A prayer in song.

(This was an attempted imitation of one of the poses in the PV x'D)

Always reaching out.

Twin colors, side by side.

(Based on the Lamento costume designs - final outfit)

Harmony/myself as Meiko | kaiya02 as Kaito
Special thanks to shinomatrix for the help with the tattoo!
Photography by moonblader and rayfy_chan (thank you!).

Sekushii Kaito.

(Excuse my derpface xD)

Inspired by this shot. xD

(Yeah, you better believe I'm sucking in for this shot like my life depended on it! *Belly fats*)

A personal journey.

Comfort within the leaves. <3

A very special shout-out to rurumi who was a helper on both of these shoots ♥ it wouldn't have been what it was without you. And thanks heaps to everyone else who was involved!!

Well, that's the last bit of Vocaloid backlog for now. These photos are actually a few months old (yeah, I'm posting late again) - haven't shot any more Meiko since. xD Until next time! :)

~ Harmony
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