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More Vocaloid Picspams

All previous Vocaloid cosplays can be found here.

I haven't really been posting many entries here because everything in my life's been pretty dull and not worth posting/reading XD but at least I've done a few shoots since the last entry so I can finally start picspamming here again. Sort of.

One of them is a super-cute Vocaloid PV called Futari No Harmony (eng. title Twosome Harmony), which I've loved for ages, so it was a pleasure to shoot this <3

Thanks rayfy_chan for the photography!

It's a really cute song and whimsical PV. When I set out to make this cosplay I was sadly unsuccessful in finding a sheer fabric that I was 100% happy with in terms of color D: so I ended up having to hunt down a smock/dress, and I found this gem. It was floor-length but had an empire waist and perfect sleeves like in the PV, and was such a lovely shade. It was also 40-50 years old 8'D (I know that people who love vintage dresses are gonna kill me right now for admitting to cutting one up for a cosplay ... sorry! If it's any consolation, I'll most likely rewear the dress IRL since it's cute *3*). I did minor alterations to it like cutting off the length and adding the big bow on the back, but that was it really. Nice and easy.

We tried to copy most of the main shots from the PV, and then we did a few playful ones of our own, all of which you'll see below. Hope we did it justice! XD


Harmony/myself as Meiko | kaiya02 as Kaito
Photography and amazing edits by rayfy_chan | 2nd photographer moonblader | shoot helper rurumi (thank you all!)

Nothing like a warm cup of tea ~ ♥

Rabu *3*

We called this the "family portrait" shot (because I looked like such a wife lol)

Tried to imitate Meiko's phone shot, but everyone preferred a "girly phone hand" XD
So here it is. Meiko's original phone shot with an added girly phone hand.

Behold my HAIYAH WAT U DOING MAN face.

A twosome in harmony.

And of course, the main shot from the PV! 8D

Also, behind the scenes, we discerned that we looked like couples from Korean TV Dramas. I swear it's the clothes.

EDIT 21 OCTOBER 2012: Decided to edit this entry to include a photoshoot from August, since I didn't feel like making a new entry for it lol. Senbonzakura group shoot go ~

Thanks rayfy_chan for the photography!

My lovely Senbonzakura teammates are also my Secret Police teammates whom I shot with last year so this might end up being a yearly tradition? Lol. I made my entire costume except for the boots. Wasn't hard to make, so not much else to say about it really. :) On to the pics!


Harmony/myself as Meiko | eightroses as Miku | Blackcrane56 as Kaito | mitarashidango as Rin | alysael as Len
Photography by rayfy_chan, shinomatrix and Pandori (thank you all!)

Miku-bossu ~

Our adorable doll-like Rin :D

Our cute Len.

Ikemen Kaito is ikemen.

Me, as Meiko (as usual!).

The standard Senbonzakura pose haha.

(We don't know what we were thinking when we did this shot LOL).

Everyone on the move. :D

Haven't got any more Vocaloid shoots planned yet but keep an eye out - might get some more in soon!

~ Harmony
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