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2011 Cosplays In Review

Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone!! How have you all been? Sorry, I haven't been online that much lately (I've even been neglecting Twitter, which is where I normally spend most of my time) and thus I'm way behind on reading all your journal entries. But I'll make more of an effort from now on.

Wanted to do a 2011 review of all my cosplays as I did for 2010 last time. :) 2010 was a crazy year in which I was super-enthusiastic and I ended up doing 18 photoshoots ... 2011 I had less time to sew costumes (considering one of them, the Trinity Blood one, was a huge project), so I ended up with much less.

Click here for my cosplay review of the previous year (2010).

Left to right
First row:
Meiko, Venomania ver. | Rei (Fatal Frame III) | Meiko, siGrE ver. | Meiko, Secret Police ver. (Vocaloid)
Second row: Meiko, Yumemiru Kotori ver. (Vocaloid) | Fuji (Prince of Tennis) | Morinaga (Koisuru Boukun) | Robin, Sabaody ver. (One Piece)

Not included: Cyrus of the SMASH! Mascots (which I still need to edit photos of sorry 8D;;), Suzuna from Eyeshield 21 (which I still need to get photos back for) and my default Meiko reshoot (which I'm not sure if I should include since it's a reshoot lol). Will update this list when those are done! There's also the fashion shoot that I modeled for recently, but since that's a regular shoot and not a cosplay, I didn't include it in the list.

This cosplay review pertains to photoshoots ONLY and doesn't include costumes worn to cons. Therefore Heather (Silent Hill 3) and Seth (Trinity Blood) will be included in the 2012 list, once I've done a reshoot and shoot for them respectively! :)

Shoots to look forward to in 2012:
A horror cosplay which I'll do soon ;)
Silent Hill group shoot (as Heather and God)
Torchwood group shoot (as Tosh)
Another variation of Cyrus (this one maybe? XD)
Various Vocaloid versions

I haven't sewn any costumes since Seth. I've been so lazy :/ that was in August! It's the 5th month now lol. (Or maybe that's an indication that I'm getting a life? Haha).

Happy 2012 everyone :)

~ Harmony
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