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Harmony's Fic Master List

Figured a Master List was long overdue, even though I don't write much anymore :P I need more encouragement to write haha.

Fandoms are sorted in alphabetical order. Characters & pairings under those fandom categories are also listed in alphabetical order. However, the fics under each character/pairing category are listed in chronological order, with oldest fics at the top and the newest at the bottom.

All fics listed are one-shots - unfortunately I don't have as much time and energy as I used to for multi-parters :(

Note: I've fulfilled a lot of fic requests for other people, especially friends. Depending on what the requester likes/wants, it means that I don't necessarily ship all the pairings I've written (although some of them I do). In these instances, I'm unlikely to write that pairing again unless I have friends asking for more. Sorry!


Animanga & Vocaloid: Ace of Diamond | Bakuman | BLEACH | D.Gray-Man | Eyeshield 21 | Gintama | Gundam 00 | Katekyo Hitman Reborn! | One Piece | Prince of Tennis | Trinity Blood | Vocaloid

Other: Harry Potter | Torchwood | True Blood



Miyuki & Sawamura

A Chronicle Of The Sun
This is it, Kazuya thinks; this is the very reason why Sawamura always appears to be so full of sunlight.

Spyglass In Reverse
Enlightenment is a strange thing, the way it tips worlds on its sides and casts rays of light on shadowed cracks and corners.

Pas De Deux In Print
It’s an exquisitely tasteful picture on a disquietingly cold canvas.

Stages Of Trompe-l'oeil
He always passes by that unusual deep red bird and finds himself vaguely wondering, in a distant thought, if he’s giving only an illusion of himself.

Like Hawks Over Eden
Those two wouldn't know the meaning of subtlety even if their lives depended on it.

Silk Spun In Variations
Miyuki looks at him and grins, looks at him keenly like he sees a pitcher, and Eijun dips his body into the gaze as if it’s sunlight.


Takagi & Miyoshi

Companionable Mischief
Before he knew it, everything he’d learned, his writing, Ashirogi Muto, and this companionship of four had become irreplaceable to him. And Kaya, silly, loud, obnoxious Kaya, had most unquestionably become completely irreplaceable to him.


Aizen & Hinamori

His Breath Warm Against Her Hair
Captain Aizen was always calm, always mild, always compassionate – it was what she knew made him strong.

For A Glimpse
It still felt like she was seeing him each morning.

Byakuya & Renji

Inks and Stains, Unintentionally Claimed
Having everyone stare at him as if he’d grown another head wasn’t Renji’s ideal way to spend the morning of his birthday.

Ichigo & Hitsugaya

The First: A One-Shot In Ten Parts
A collection of firsts, as known by Hitsugaya Toshiro.

Upper Hand
Ichigo should never think that he would always have the upper hand – especially not when dealing with Hitsugaya Toshiro.

Simple Exchanges
Ichigo makes the mistake of crossing Seireitei’s youngest captain and lands himself in an inevitably sticky situation.

Spend The Day
He wondered if this was something Matsumoto had planned all along; it was something he definitely would not ever thank her for.


Sense of Normalcy (with Shuuhei/Kira, one-sided Gin/Kira)
Kira can’t stop himself from surrendering to the too-perfect illusion, even though he wishes so desperately that he could.

Sliver of Light (with hints of Shuuhei/Kira)
‘Don’t falter,’ he whispered to himself uncertainly, sometimes.

Shuuhei & Kira

In the aftermath of his captain’s betrayal and departure, Kira tries to go on.

Breathing With Him, In Time
Waking up from a hazy afternoon drinking session leads to some astoundingly problematic consequences.

Shuuhei wasn’t, in theory, bothered by those scars, and he was used to them. He wasn’t even really sure how this had come to be an exception.

Utterly Spoiled
Kira has too much money. :P

All Along
There was something about his unshielded expression, something that made Izuru ache.

Feverish Burning
An enthusiasm for drink gone wrong.

Duty divided all of them.

Twelve Drabbles
A collection of 12 ShuuKira ficlets.

He knows Abarai doesn’t believe him; Rangiku and Captain Komamura didn’t either, when they’d asked him many days ago.

Stepping Stone
Everything that required the presence of two ...

Café Seireitei
Shuuhei should also have expected the worst to happen when Rangiku had so strongly insisted that he and Kira must come pay a visit that afternoon.

Even though the sky was grey there was no sense of heaviness, of the crippling weight of the blade at his waist during the war – only the light stirring of their reiatsu mingling together, the soft beads of rain dripping onto their skin, and this silent solace of unquestioned companionship.

Yachiru & Hitsugaya

Fluffy Like A Pork Bun
‘I don’t know why you’re giving me all these pork buns, day in, day out. But I can’t eat them anymore, Kusajishi-Fukutaicho.’

Yoruichi & Soi Fon

Just As She Remembered
Things weren't fully mended just yet.


Lavi & Allen

He felt a pull out of a strange dream; a vision of dust and rubble and sadness, of red smeared across ashen walls of stone and the distant echo of a lost piano melody.


Hiruma & Sena

Pasta And Sentimentality
Hiruma was always like that, Sena knew – painstakingly observant, piercingly insightful, frighteningly right about everything; it was an instinctive reaction to follow whatever he saw and whatever he did.

Shin & Sakuraba

Haruto begrudged him nothing for it; after all, in that endlessly wide white spotlight, Shin deserved his place, untainted by false triumphs or by superficial attention.

Shin & Sena

Excess Energy
‘He’s always damn stoic. D’you think he beats off to porn?’

Yamato & Shin

Silence; Strength
Yamato knew what it was: a mutual respect that didn’t really need to be said in words – the fact that he didn’t really need to be out here, talking to Shin about any of this. But somehow, even amidst the frosty air, it gave him some kind of warmth, a strange comfort.


Gintoki & Shinpachi

In Denial
Shinpachi was still aware of something nudging his leg, something like a foot kicking at him, and a familiar excruciating drawl reverberating someplace he wished he could ignore.


Setsuna & Nena

There, Inside Your Thoughts
This was human, this was compassion, the blood and soul of those that waited on the dead or near-dead of their own kind.


Harry & Blaise

His Game (with implied Harry/Draco)
You still don't know what is going on. But you do know that something is terribly, terribly wrong.

Within These Walls
He returned, even though he'd sworn he wouldn't, and everything seemed to be the same.

A Heated Terror
In a moment of urgency, Harry had neither the time nor the patience for Blaise Zabini.


Shifted (with Draco).
Everything, in appearance, remained unchanged.


Gokudera & Tsuna

He often wondered if the skin of those hands had turned rough, work-worn after all these years.


Mirage (with Chrome and hints of Mukuro/Tsuna)
In this kind of summer heat, he was sure it was just a mirage, an illusion.


The Only Thing
It was the only thing he’d look forward to, a sliver of light amongst all the rubble and dust and emptiness.

Yamamoto & Gokudera

Just A Mafia Game
It wasn’t really a surprise to him; he’d been used to this for the last ten years. It was going to take a little bit of a fight, as always, trying to break in.



The Way He Always Smiled (with hints of Luffy/Nami and Sanji/Nami)
Luffy always watches the crew – and he watches her – and he'll always smile.


Tezuka & Ryoma

His furrowed eyebrows, the creases in his face, the fire in his eyes … Kunimitsu had only on very rare occasions seen that passionate determination from that boy before. But then again, Echizen was playing impromptu badminton with a kid and sucking miserably at it.


Toshiko & Owen

Second Glance
It feels strange there, delicately lovely amongst the mess of dusty machines and crisp piles of paper, but it leaves her with an unsaid comfort.


Ion & Radu

A Reminiscence Of Heat
The days had blurred faintly with recollections of bodily warmth and contented companionship, the imagined rhythmic pulse of blood pumping, the scent of sweat and moist heat and life.


Godric & Eric

In Understanding
It is such a faint memory, so sadly distant, but enough for him to feel familiarity with the soft grains of sand beneath his shoes, the subtle pale mist close to the horizon, the sound of wind and water and nothing else.

'Would you go back to that life if you could?'

What You Love Most
Eric is vaguely aware of something akin to an invisible thrumming in the air all around them, an imaginary enchantment exuding from the slender limbs and beastly grace before him, something that indeed feels like a shadow of God.

Beyond All Telling
Even when all their time together is too short, he had already been stifled with the exhaustion and gravity of the neverending days.

Generations Of Brilliance
It’s comforting to not have Eric kneeling in veneration before him at this moment, to not have the differences between maker and progeny laid out so clearly between them. Right now, they’re equals to each other more than anything.


Kaito & Len

In Which Kaito Is Disgustingly Sexy
The blond sat there speechlessly, not knowing whether to laugh or vomit.

Kiyoteru & Meiko

His Sweet Melody
He was the type, Meiko mused, to be firm and strict with studies and obligations and procedures, to be organized and punctual in every matter, to be methodical and practical – a rotating wheel of process and execution and getting things done.
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