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Picspams: Vocaloids Galore

All previous Vocaloid cosplays can be found here.

We did a couple of quick shoots during the SMASH! period to take advantage of the fact that all the hawt interstaters were in town, so here's another double Vocaloid photoshoot picspam in one entry - this time Dreaming Little Bird and Secret Police versions. And of course, I was Meiko again both times :)

Thanks Bubby and Jax for these photos respectively!

Dreaming Little Bird: I seriously love this version so much. I was really happy that they made a KaiMei mini-movie and it's such a gorgeous and sad love story. What I'm wearing, though, is actually an emergency kimono =_=;; While I was painting the flowers on the kimono that I was sewing, I made an enormous mistake and it was way too-last minute to fix it (one day I'll show you the horrible mess of fabric paint and we can laugh at it) ... so since this one was fairly similar, I decided to use it. For that I lay no claim to making the kimono, although I did make the under-kimono and the obi. (Also, idk why the under-kimono looks so blue in the photo xD it's a bit more purpley IRL).

Secret Police: I have the hots for this version of Meiko. I've seen lots of people mistake her for a guy since her design is so bishounen/ikemen in this PV XD she's the only girl wearing pants in this version and she actually smokes ... so badass haha. This was a super-easy cosplay; I just modified a double-breasted coat and made it into the tailcoat that Meiko wears - I did it over a span of days but it probably would've been just two days' work. Extra thanks to moonblader for helping me style the wig and mis_v for wrapping my bandage-boobs in the morning! XD

(Based on the novelized Dreaming Little Bird costume designs)

Harmony/myself as Meiko | zimiel as Kaito
Photography by Icie & Bubby (thank you!)

We did this photoshoot in under an hour because we were actually paying for the space we were using at an hourly rate, and it was fairly costly. That's why there aren't a lot of shots XD but we got all the ones we basically needed.

The thoughtful artist.

The yuujo.

(zimiel is so beautiful *A*)

Kiss shot. ♥

A bittersweet reunion. <3

(Based on the Secret Police costume designs)

Harmony/myself as Meiko | eightroses as Miku | Blackcrane56 as Kaito | mitarashidango as Len | alysael as Rin | rurumi as Luka | psycho_kyugurl as Gakupo | projectluke as Gumi | Darcy as Kiyoteru
Photography by shinomatrix, romanceizborn, rayfy_chan and mmcrunchie_thec (thank you!).

Note: Secret Police was officially the FIFTEENTH version of Meiko that I have cosplayed. Hooray, a milestone!

Our maggot-hair bossu XD

Our badass shota boy.

A struggle for dominance ;D

The calculating Kiyoteru.

So sweet, even with a gun.

Gumi is a total BAMF.

A kind of mug shot lineup xD

Sexy manly Gakupo.

Our elevator porn =P the two of us had fun doing this shot LMAO
It's hard to time when the elevator doors close XD

The embodiment of a femme fatale.

Kaito will whip everyone into shape. XD

No mercy.

Our "Gundam shot" (cookie for you if you get the reference XD).

Obligatory possible BL moment. =P

The Secret Police, on patrol.

That's the last bit of Vocaloid cosplay I have locked in in the meantime! Sydmania is coming up and I've been invited to be a part of minhhhhh's full One Piece group so I have to focus on sewing that first before I even get tempted into doing any more Meiko. See you then XD

~ Harmony
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