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:/ at how the art theft was handled ...

Two entries in two days! I'm on a roll lol. The week before our PoT shoot, I did a very quick shoot with the lovely breathless_ness for Vocaloid, siGrE version. It's one of my personal favorite Vocaloid songs & Jill was very handsome so it was great to shoot this with her ^^

Myself as Meiko | breathless_ness as Kaito.
Thanks rayfy_chan for the beautiful photography!

Concern about the resolution for the art theft ... :/

I really need to vent about this. And it's probably better if I didn't do it on dA since I'm giving them shifty eyes lol.

As most of you who follow my Twitter & deviantART know, I discovered yesterday that my cosplay photos were stolen. Someone uploaded my photos to their own account claiming they were me and that they had made the costumes. I got heaps of support for this and lots of people helped me send through an abuse report, but I'm not sure I feel entirely settled with deviantART's resolution for this ><

I received this note from dA for all six of the photographs that were stolen: A member of staff has reviewed a report concerning the model depicted in this photograph. Due to the concern(s) raised by one or more members of the community model release documentation must be attached to this deviation and until this is done the deviation will not be publicly visible. Details concerning this can be found in our FAQ.

I asked for those photos to be deleted - instead, dA has just made it hidden to the public OTL. Even though you can't click into those deviations now, you can see they're still there. And the thing about the model release form is hilarious. Based on my complaint of art & identity theft, why would I give someone my signature when they're not the photographer, editor or one of the models in the photo and thus have no right to upload the photo at all? T__T

I don't consider myself a great cosplayer or anything, you know? I get that there's the likelihood this person was probably just trolling me, rather than because they thought my cosplays were awesome. Either way I wasn't prepared for this happening at all so yeah, I'm still worrying myself wanting to get those photos deleted from that account completely. I'm not satisfied with just having them hidden. That person has no right to have my photos on her gallery.

After seeing the "costume made by me!" that she wrote on all the photos of me that she uploaded, I tore down all my WIP costume progress pics. I hope she hasn't had time to save those photos on her computer as even further proof that she made those costumes. Never showing any progress pics in public again.

Not to mention that to steal photos that have me in them from 3 different people's galleries - mine, a photographer's and a fellow cosplayer's - and to claim that she's me in all of them, and to invent new names (still laughing at the "Nick", "Jason" and "Josh") for my friends in the group shots since they're her friends, is really freaking creepy. Just saying.

I sent a second abuse report to deviantART explaining the situation and hoping they understand that it's not a matter of needing a model release form. I want those photos gone. Fingers crossed they'll listen. ><

~ Harmony
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