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Fatal Frame Picspam!

We had some sexy interstaters fly in a couple of weeks ago for the Distant Worlds concert, and because we're all enthusiastic horror fans, we decided to do a shoot for a classic game favorite - the Fatal Frame series! It was awesome that not only did we have all the protagonists up to FF3, but we had an awesomely scary ghost with us too.

Thanks Icie for this gorgeous shot!

This was a really nice, laid-back shoot (apart from me being pretty sick with the flu on the day). We didn't have people bothering us like we normally do with cosplays. Most memorable part of the day was when this poor tiny kid saw k_chan009 lurking behind a grated door in her gloriously frightening ghost makeup and bolted off screaming and sobbing for his daddy DX we probably gave that poor kid an eternal trauma of dark spaces ...

Making Rei was pretty easy. I didn't have to make the shirt from scratch - I just cut up and altered an old shirt that I had lying around my wardrobe that I was no longer using! After I was done making the shirt, I got the arty xxlittlebirdyxx to help paint the flowery designs on the front. Also kudos to moonblader and twinkl33 for helping trim my wig in a rush the morning of the shoot lol.

I probably could have made a much better Rei sorry >< but I did the best I could with the time that I had so I hope I portrayed her ok. So proud of my FF teammates who looked like they stepped right out of the games though.


Harmony/myself as Rei | rurumi as Miku | princealy as Kei | miyukiko as Mio | strawbarry_gurl as Mayu | k_chan009 as Box Woman / generic ghost
Photography by Icie, Bubby and rayfy_chan

Camera obscura belongs to miyukiko (thanks for letting us all use it hun! ♥)

Rei armed with her camera.

Mio exploring warilyyy ~

princealy srsly made such a hawt Kei lol. We had running jokes that her poses for this shoot all ended up so dramatic & fabulous XD

The lovely Miku, looking scared. XD

Our beautiful twins.

(Have no idea why I'm pulling a duckface here lol XD;;)

Beware of what lurks in the corners and inside boxes. XD

Kei doing what Kei does best, apart from lifting heavy stuff =P

(Hahahah oh gods Kei, so fabulous)

Inspired by this shot from FF3.

Ghostly grabby-hands!

(Still facepalming at rayfy_chan's "Hey guys. NEED A HAND?")

The good guys of FF3. And box ghostie.

Running away in paranoia.

Get that Fatal Frame, Miku. XD

(... 'Coz clearly not enough men visit the ghost world.)

The heroes of FF1, 2 and 3 at your ghost-hunting service ♥

Also ... just because:

(I really love how rurumi looks all "OK LET'S DO THIS! 8D" haha)

This has been one of the best shoots so far this year and we're looking forward to doing more of the horror variety! Hopefully next up would be Silent Hill, my absolute favorite horror game series (I already have my Heather costume ready from last year but would love to do a couple of the monsters as well! After all, who can resist Silent Hill? :D).

~ Harmony
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