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Venomania Shoot

I was going to do a picspam for our Venomania shoot, but the lovely zimiel has already done a pretty good one (which you can find here) so please do visit the above link (or alternatively you can go to the full group deviation where I've branched off to various select photos that have been uploaded by the cosplayers involved). Either way, it's full of colorful pr0nz XD

Harmony/myself as Meiko | zimiel as Gakupo | strawbarry_gurl as Miku | itakoaya as Luka | alysael as Gumi | dannieh as Kaito
Thanks to rayfy_chan and Bubby respectively for the above shots!

There were a few memorable things about this shoot:

- The greyish-lilac satin all the girls are wearing - we found just the right color for $3/m. It was so ridiculously cheap, considering the color was complete hell to find. I don't think I spent more than $12 on this costume altogether. We ended up buying all that was left of the bolt!

- Getting Danny to join us was a complete accident. We needed a Kaito for the group, and just at the right time he put up a journal entry randomly saying he plans to cosplay him. So naturally I pounced on him right away to join, and what a pretty trap he makes XD

- My mom sitting on the already-styled wig I laid out on my bed because she didn't see it. =___= Couldn't get it back to the way it was & I'm already not that good at styling so then I asked for tsubakichan to help me - and what a lucky thing too, because she styled 1000x better than I did originally XD (Eternal thank you darling).

- Some lace confusion because I think Straw couldn't find hers and Aly's lace until after we'd all already finished? All four girls ended up sewing their belts in different ways hahaha /top secret

- My stupid bra pads that kept sliding out the boobhole >_>;; should've invested in those silicone ones that I can stick onto my person

- Homeless bums giving 'critique' on our wigs while we were shooting, a homeless bum sticking like glue to poor breathless_ness (who was helping us on our shoot), and a couple of drunks coming up to us saying we were all dudes ... despite our obvious boobholes lol

- TSR losing the booking for our room >_>;; ... but we all had fun and had a nice dinner together at Pepper Lunch afterwards ^^

It was a fun day, and whilst I was off my game that day (and thus there weren't many/any good shots of me), I did have fun. I still remember when the PV first came out and all of us were fangirling on Twitter, saying we just had to cosplay it ... it's hard to believe we finally have :)

Flist: how many of you reading this are going to Mini btw? I'll be going 'coz I want to see people, but I'll just be staying outside like last year ('coz the ticket price to go in isn't worth it hahaha) and I don't think I'll be cosplaying. Love & miss you all.

~ Harmony
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