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BL Picspam - Antique Bakery & OtRFK

Previous BL cosplays: Gakuen Heaven

Another double cosplay photoshoot picspam in one entry, but this time it isn't Vocaloid - it's BL fandoms! Considering what a massive BL fanatic I am (most of you know this already), it's a shame that I don't do more BL cosplay - or crossplay in general, really.

We shot both of these on Boxing Day, so it was our last cosplays of the year (along with a Starry Sky shoot that I helped take photos for). These are very special because I adore both of these fandoms; OtRFK in particular has a special place in my heart as it's been one of my most loved BL series and one of my dream cosplays pretty much ever since the moment I read it. So it was great to get some fanservice goin'.

Thanks to Bubby for the above two photographs!

Antique Bakery: lunarfish came over to my house and we literally had a sewing session for the day followed by dinner, so we got the vests pretty much done in that one day XD it took me another half-day to do the buttons and the apron lol. We couldn't believe how fast we got it done, we kept saying it was surreal how fast the process was from deciding to cosplay AB to doing the shoot (probably less than 2 months).

Only The Ring Finger Knows: I made both our ties (from the same fabric I used to make Syaoran from CCS since I had so much left over LOL) and bought two cheap plain silver bands which moonblader helped add the gold line on, when she came over the same time as AB sewing session. The shirt was my old school shirt that I modified haha, so it was more or less quite simple. (Fun little story: I bought the gold trim for the ties & the silver rings from the same hobby shop. They were so cheap. When I went back about a month later, the store had closed down permanently! D: so we were very lucky).

(Based on the Antique Bakery costume designs)

Harmony/myself as Chikage | lunarfish as Tachibana | rayfy_chan as Eiji | moonblader as Ono
Photography by Bubby (thank you!)

I really don't know why we have more crack shots than serious shots for this photoshoot lmao. But the manga series is so light-hearted, I guess it's pretty fitting.

The husband and wife shot xD

The AB staff who make it what it is <3




(There are no words.)

Trying to emulate the style of the AB cover XD
I laughed for like five minutes at rayfy_chan's face, so moe rofl

The manly stubble-sama.

On a date ♥

Taste-testing. Eiji is obviously most excited.

Ono gets a hand (or many hands) licking his cream.

Tachibana can't beat his bodyguard at arm-wrestling ...

... And Chikage has no chance of winning against the former pro boxing champion.

Instant love


Tachibana dares not be hand-fed.

The fun-lovin' pastry chefs ...

And the manry waiters.

Chikage: one of the most shy, gentle semes you'll ever see xD

A dysfunctional lesson in baking.

Welcome to Antique - the bakery is now open. <3

(Based on the OtRFK costume designs)

We changed after the AB shoot & reapplied our makeup, but it was very hot that day so excuse our melting faces. Still think it went well though, we got some beautiful shots - I pretty much b'awwed when I saw how they turned out (and every time I looked at them really) ♥

Harmony/myself as Fujii Wataru | moonblader as Kazuki Yuichi
Photography by Bubby & lunarfish (thank you!).

The daydreamy Wataru ...

... And the patient Yuichi.

Based off the present scene in the manga/novels. XD

(Lol I look so depressed, but it fits. XD)

The interrogation scene.

Wataru finding his ring back ♥

It's all downhill from then on.

Personal tutor 8D

In-school flirting ...

... and a whole lot more.

Why yes, this is what the student council room is made for.

This seriously has to be one of the most beautiful shots in this set. AFSFKL;SHKS DYING FOREVER

Rabu-rabu ~

In the end, only our ring fingers know the truth. ♥


The war of the baking tools. (Ono's hobby is playing with long stiff things).

Antique Bakery, Macross style ~



Proud otaku yaoi fangirl lunarfish, who did a great job photographing our OtRFK!

I definitely want to do more BL series in the near future, hopefully during this year, but we'll have to see as I haven't actually got any specifically planned yet 8D;; orz but in the meantime, there will be more Vocaloid coming up in the next few weeks so hope you'll stay tuned!

~ Harmony
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Dayum you guys have really nice haaaaaands *A* So loooong and adkfalfjakldfjalkdf
HARMONY HOW ARE YOU SO PRETTY? ;; I wanted to cosplay OtRFK but after seeing yours I realise I won't be as good OTL LOL
Having long hands is sometimes weird though 'coz I've had friends who mistook my thumb for a finger :'D OTL

WOW I AM SO NOT PRETTY IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. Not sure if you remember a period where I was like "GODS MY FACE LOOKS SO UGLY!!!!" for about 3 days straight on Twitter, but yeah, it was in reference to the OtRFK shoot and my melting face ruining what would've been a perfect shot =__= you should do it anyway!! Which one of the boys would you be?? ^^


7 years ago

THESE ARE ALL FAR TOO AWESOME! It looks like you guys had so much fun!
Yeah we did, despite the heat and melting faces!! XD Thanks hun <3
baww~~ the OTRFK cosplay looks so cute! X3
Aww thanks so much!! We intended to convey the sweetness of the story <33
I love you gaiz... they all look awesome <3

The crack and refs are lol XD That is bad Harmony, what a bad joke about what Ono likes! hur hur hur ~
Ray looks so moe >3< His macross frontier pose looks a little naughty *pokes to his left cheek* XD
Awww, you gaiz all look so hawt *A* Su looks so manry as always. Christie awesome as she always is. You look so manry Harmony!! *flails*

Also, I'm so proud of you gaiz doing OtRFK!!! The pictures look so good <3 kyah <333 fangirl moment! I can't believe you did the present scene! That is awesome lar! <333
Lol thanks hun! Hahaha such a BL King like yourself shouldn't be saying it's a bad joke!! ;P And lol, Ray's naughty pose was intended ... he's losing his innocence ...

WAGH I MISS YOU RINNE!!! Like I said, was so sad I didn't end up OtRFK-ing with you but we should still do a BL cosplay someday <333 we're such mad fujoshi lol it'd be a shame if we didn't >D
Ahhh, great shots! I loved both OtRFK and AB so it was a pleasure to see each of the photos. And thank you for posting it at hotaru_odagiri community! *chuuuu*
Nooo thank YOU for coming by to look at our cosplay and taking the time out to comment, we appreciate it so much, especially coming from a fan who likes both fandoms!! We're so happy to hear you enjoyed our cosplay! <3

OMG!!!!!!! I know u probably sick of this bt I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! makes me want to come back there... T^T

I laughed for like five minutes at rayfy_chan's face, so moe rofl <-- HIS FACE!!!!!! PRICELESS!!!!! XDDDD LOVE U, RAY~~~ XDD

and the fanboying version of AB!! ROFL!!!!! soooo epic guys!!!!! ^ 3^
HAHAHAHA yeah there were so many of the AB photos where I laughed really hard. I didn't include some of them either (there was one where a fat lady randomly walked behind Ray in one of the shots and I laughed at it for like five minutes too). It was a great day xDD


LOLLL thanks Ravi, so glad you liked the shoots! Must do moar yaoi someday xD <333


7 years ago

These are all great!
We're so glad you like the photos, thank you!! ♥
These are AMAZING! <3!! I love them all to bits, you guys did such an awesome job. Two stories I adore, made real with some really awesome style!
Ahhh so glad to hear from someone who's a fellow fan of both stories!! I'm so happy you appreciate our cosplay, thanks very much for taking the time out to look! <33
WOW you guys did a great job~ ♥
Thank you dear, we worked hard on all the costumes so we're glad you approve :D
Followed the link here from the Fumi Yoshinaga community--totally love both sets of cosplays! I've never seen anyone cosplay from either manga, but you all did an awesome job! (I saw the Gakuen Heaven set too, also awesome and totally brought back memories for me haha)
Wahhh thanks so much!! It's great to get a comment from someone who's familiar with all three fandoms <33 We appreciate you taking the time to look and commenting, thanks again ^^ <3
Oh wow you guys are always so amazing!!! I love the AB and of course the OtRFK were stunning
Thank you as always darling!! Are you a fan of both fandoms? :D
Awww these are great!!! You guys are adoarble. Thanks for sharing!!! :)
Thank YOU so much for looking and taking the time out to comment! It's very much appreciated, so glad you appreciate our cosplay :D
D: i feel my skin crawling -in a good way-
you revived my OTRFK fandom DDDDDD: this world needs more of yuichixwataru
Oh definitely, OtRFK doesn't get nearly as much love as it deserves!! And hahaha thank you, that's the first time we've made someone's skin crawl lol xDDD ♥
You both are so awesome for doing this~! You OTRFK cosplay shoot was so cute~!
Thank you sooo much!! We've worked hard on the costumes and had high hopes for this shoot so it's a relief to hear that you like it ♥
Oh, y'all look great!
Thanks as always sweetie!! Miss you btw <333
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