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Warning For Lame and Lulz

Hi everyone~

It feels like it's been ages since the two of us did an entry together.

The other weekend, the two of us dug through our wardrobes and from their depths pulled out our old Death Note cosplay costumes, that we first wore in 2008, as Matt and Mello for Mini Animania and as L and Light for SMASH!. Needless to say, it brought back some old memories.

Seeing as the two of us cosplayed four different characters from Death Note, instead of just taking solo/pairing shots, we decided that sure, we can do group shots no problem, let's just be retards and photoshop ourselves with ourselves 8DDD

Many thanks to rayfy_chan for the amazing photography skills!

We've been planning to do this shoot pretty much since last year. However, with our changing schedules and general indecisiveness, it wasn't able to come into fruition till just now. Silver came up with some crazy idea to shoot at a ridiculous hour in the morning (so we can avoid general public), and Harmony decided on the general location area. Which most of you Sydneysiders could probably guess lmao.

Harmony went over to Silver's house at about midnight that night, where we both watched a few eps of DN for "inspiration" (more like for lulz). >_> Then we got about an hour of sleep, and waited for rayfy_chan to come to prepare to shoot at dawn. And in our tired deliriousness we present to you ...


Silver as L and Mello | Harmony as Light and Matt

Randomly this rainbow appeared on the walls of where we were shooting. (Probably from overhead lights)
So we decided to do another version of this pic, with more gay.


During lighting/composition testing. Mello's checking out his hair. Matt's bored.

Hey, there's the photographer!

Showing off sexy man bag. It's good Light's standing next to a fire hose,
'coz, yanno, clearly this is sooooooooo hot?

Extra-special shout-out to pro_kira who's always being so lovely and encouraging to Silver at dA and Harmony on Twitter, and who will always be a much hotter Matt than her. <3

'Til next time, folks!

~ Silver & Harmony
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