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Bloody hairdressers >:(

It seems like I always have the worst luck with hairdressers.

I went to the hairdresser today (I have short hair now! I don't have a photo, but if you've seen the anime-con photos of me that Silver posted a few entries ago... well, I don't look like that anymore) and got my hair cut and styled. My sister had made the appointment for me, and the hairdressing guy told me that it would only take three hours. It ended up being six.

What crazy person wants to spend six hours sitting down, waiting for the guy to organize himself because he was smart enough to book himself four people to attend to at the same time?

My legs were so sore afterwards. It was like being on an airplane.

I wish I could blame my sister for booking me in at an Asian place. I know that I'm Asian and that Asian hairdressers know best about what styles suit Asian faces, but I should've guessed that I wasn't going to get exactly what I want - either in the result or in the service. The guy was sooooo disorganized. He left me sitting for like half an hour at a time (several times) to attend to the other three women with whom he had so intelligently quadruple-booked me. Bwah. Not to mention that he had to redo the styling because it didn't look right the first time.

Bah, spending $350 on hair only to get less-than-satisfactory service. *Is still very annoyed*

I always seem to have problems with getting my hair done at a hair salon. The last time I went (apart from today) I got my hair colored. I had asked for a specific color, and they did it for me; but when they finished, it looked exactly the same as it was before I came (i.e. black, since I'm Asian). When I made a complaint, they said that it'll be exactly the color I asked for IF I'm under a lot of light. WTF? Isn't it obvious that I would have wanted it that specific color under MINIMAL light? Not to mention that they were closing and I was one of their last customers, so they didn't have time to redo it. They shooed me out, just like that. So that was over $120 gone for nothing.

It figures, though. That place was an Asian place too - I should've seen it coming.

Just my luck.

~ Harmony
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