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Happy Anniversary (of The Shoot of Doom) XD

EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO TODAY was the infamous Espada photoshoot that killed us all (read: we shot in a desert in our attempt to emulate Hueco Mundo, which was a VERY bad idea in the summer heat orz). We've only just now managed to do a reshoot of both uniforms and casual versions in a Las Noches setting instead, i.e. not risking our own lives haha. HAPPY(? XD) FIRST ANNIVERSARY!

Less than half of the original Espada group could make it to the reshoot :( but that didn't stop us - and good thing too, because we got some beautiful shots as well as cracky ones and feel so accomplished now XD

(Lol this one's for you ravient)

Thanks to Bubby for the above two photographs!

Nel's Espada uniform: Didn't take me too long to sew this costume - I thought it would take a lot longer due to the diagonal patterns on the jacket, but it was probably just over a week or so. :D The bone mask was kindly crafted for me by lil_starfish. The sword was originally black - painted it green and made a new crossguard out of foam and replaced it.

Nel's casual version: I decided to cosplay this official character sheet of Nel's. I thought Kubo Tite had made a very cute design! I was asked by our Grimmjow to bring a casual outfit to the shoot at the very last minute so I didn't have time to get all the pieces together and unfortunately my cosplay of this design is a bit inaccurate (unbroken mask, black tights & belt), which is a shame, but I got most of it together so I hope it still looks ok.


Harmony/myself as Neliel | bubblefire as Orihime | rayfy_chan as Ulquiorra | t8_steve as Grimmjow | athira as Cirucci
Photography by Bubby, PlaneswalkerLX and ceestar (thank you!)

The emo guy. XD

The lovely Thunderwitch.

Lovely Hime-chan. X3

(LMAO please forgive my wannabe magazine posing)

And shots in a much darker setting. (Appropriate for the fandom y/y)

What I believed to be one of the most beautiful shots taken during this shoot.
Props to PlaneswalkerLX for capturing it!

A twisted family portrait.


And the casual outfits shots.

Lolita Cirucci!

Pimp!Ulquiorra ...

... And Pimp!Grimmjow.

(I tried to imitate Kubo's original artwork, but alas ... I can't pull off sexy to save my life orz I'm so sorry ;__;)

Grimmjow is still one hell of a pimp ...

... Who has one too many 'hos xDDD

(Who da pimp now xDDD)

Tea in a quiet sanctuary.

The dysfunctional family: giving Aizen brain damage one step at a time.

Silver and I also did a shoot at dawn yesterday for something rather lulzworthy >_>;; it was very quick so there won't be many shots at all, but we'll most likely post them up once they're all done ;D so watch out for that I guess! <3

~ Harmony
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