Silver Harmony (silverharmony) wrote,
Silver Harmony

11 Ficlets: Requests Completed

So finally, here they are. Yeah I know, they totally aren't drabbles anymore LOL - these are so long they're more like ficlets Dx nevertheless, I hope they'll be alright as it's been a long time since I've written anything. I'm actually relieved I could churn out this much writing after having not written for ages.

I do love writing fics though and am slowly developing my skills so all your feedback is most appreciated and welcomed! ^^

11 ficlets here as was requested (well out of 12, but I'm delaying the DBZ one until I've rewatched all the eps xD) - a nice mixture of humor, angst and drama. All are rated PG. Hope you’ll enjoy :)

~ Harmony

Bakuman: Takagi & Miyoshi, for BUBBLEFIRECollapse )

Bleach: Shuuhei & Kira, for CEESTARCollapse )

Bleach: Shuuhei & Kira, for SCHWEINSTYCollapse )

Bleach: Yachiru & Hitsugaya, for ASTELLECIACollapse )

D.Gray-Man: Lavi & Allen, for KIWIPUNCHCollapse )

Eyeshield 21: Shin & Sakuraba, for DAME_BATSIECollapse )

Eyeshield 21: Shin & Sena, for ALITA_B_ANGELCollapse )

Trinity Blood: Radu & Ion, for ASTELLECIACollapse )

Vocaloid: Kaito & Len, for RAVIENTCollapse )

Vocaloid: Kiyoteru & Meiko, for IMMUZECollapse )

Harry Potter: Draco & Hermione, for FUYUMI162Collapse )
Tags: bakuman, bleach, d.gray-man, eyeshield 21, fanfic, harry potter, trinity blood, vocaloid
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