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Drabble Request Post, Fandom Ramble + Cosplay Stuff

So, uh. I haven't written anything in a very very long time and was hoping to get my brain juices flowing again, especially when I'm taking a break from sewing :'D

If you see this (I prefer if you're a mutual friend though, so I know the person I'm writing for), feel free to request a ficlet/drabble from me; it will really help me get back into writing :D Copypasta from last drabble offers (which was almost 2 years ago OTL):

♥ Leave a comment to this entry with a prompt and a character or pairing, from one of the fandoms below or a fandom you request, and I'll write you a ficlet/drabble. I can't guarantee the quality of my writing (especially since I haven't written in a while LOL) or how long it'll take, but I'll try my absolute best.

Animanga Fandoms:
Bleach | One Piece | Prince of Tennis | Eyeshield 21 | D.Gray-Man | Gintama | Blood + | Death Note | Katekyo Hitman Reborn | Trinity Blood | Code Geass | HunterxHunter | Bakuman | Digimon | DBZ | Durarara! | Any BL fandom such as OtRFK, Gakuen Heaven etc
Others? (Please ask, I know there's HEAPS that I forgot to list)

Other Fandoms:
Vocaloid | Silent Hill | Supernatural | Merlin | Sherlock | Heroes | Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel | Queer As Folk | Lord of the Rings | Harry Potter | Films/movies/games? (Please ask)
Anything else (Please ask)

Requests so far: NOW COMPLETE, thanks so much everyone! :D
ceestar - Shuuhei x Kira, Bleach
schweinsty - Shuuhei x Kira, Bleach
astellecia - Yachiru x Hitsugaya, Bleach ✓ | Radu x Ion, Trinity Blood
dame_batsie - Shin x Sakuraba, Eyeshield 21
alita_b_angel - Shin x Sena, Eyeshield 21
ravient - Kaito x Len, Vocaloid
ImMuze - Kiyoteru x Meiko, Vocaloid
bubblefire - Takagi x Miyoshi, Bakuman
kiwipunch - Lavi x Allen, D.Gray-Man
fuyumi162 - Draco x Hermione, Harry Potter

Latest SPN & Merlin

My family capped the Internet within like 1.5 weeks so there was a period of 2.5 weeks when I had no Internet at all at home except on my phone :'D the month before that I was capped really fast as well so as a consequence I got completely left behind on all the latest SPN/Merlin episodes. I just managed to catch up yesterday :D

Latest SPN makes me ;___; what's wrong with you Sammyyyy. I'm not liking the new Sam that much this season. I've got some crazy theories that it might not actually be him xD but hopefully the writers aren't that cruel to do that lol. My heart really goes out to Dean in the latest season >< Also, Cas and Bobby. They were so friggin' hilarious in the latest eps xDDD much love for the supporting characters and their developing attitude. I completely headdesked at the idea of a post-apocalypse apocalypse though :/ as if they hadn't been through enough apocalypses ...

And everyone's seen me complaining on Twitter about it, but Merlin. OMFG. Morgana is the most annoying TV villain I've ever seen, and I can't wait for her to die already. =__= Like every time her smirking face pops up I just wish she'd fall down the stairs again (that was probably the most satisfying scene of this season LOL). I headwalled when Merlin saved her from death & pissed off the Dragon in the process T__T I find her to be really whiny & tantrumy motives-wise ... the nature of her grudges often don't justify her actions. I think Morgause is a much better villain - at least she's more level-headed and has more realistic intentions. I'm aware of the fact that it'll be a long while before it's revealed to Arthur & the others that Morgana's a massive bitch though T__T

Also, Sherlock. Why must I wait so long for youuu. ;__; /Can't wait for next ep

Super-Late Sydmania Talk + Upcoming Cosplays

This is soooooooooo late but just a general copypasta from dA for those who don't follow me on there. XD It was my 5th Animania this year, and while it was still a pretty busy time it was thankfully not nearly as hectic as all the previous years (preparing for my cosplay in the morning was a nightmare and everything that could've gone wrong went wrong T__T but apart from that, the con itself was relatively drama-free). This was partly attributed to my replacement costume plan from something so embellished to something so simple in comparison ~

This, basically. Thank you to my beautiful Luka itakoaya for inviting me to be your Meiko ^^

MeiLuka vers. Magnet. Pretty much just made adjustments to a black dress I already had xDD;; Ita designed & crafted the purdy headphones o3o

Went fabric-shopping the other day to buy fabric for next year's Venomania cosplay (full group btw, hell yeah) and somehow got roped into another 2 Vocaloid group cosplays while I was there :'D (I'm happy about it lol, I love Vocaloid after all, but wow my sewing list has gotten unexpectedly bigger xD). Wish me luck on the Venomania wig orz. So far I haven't seen a single cosplayer who's gotten the wig right and I might end up as one of them.

Also, I'm doing old-school cosplay and doing both seasons of Mimi from Digimon in projectluke's group! *3* No date's been set but I'm really looking forward to it. I think Digimon miiiight have been my first big animanga fandom so I have sentimental feelings about it even if it's lame lol. I'm still looking for materials for S1 Mimi, but S2 Mimi is pretty much set preparation-wise, just have to sew everything together and style the wig.

I'm also hoping to do a BL cosplay with moonblader sometime soon, but we'll talk about that later lol :P

Like I said though, I'm taking a short break from sewing right now so at the moment (until dates are set for the above cosplays) I'm pretty much just focusing on getting shoots done for costumes I've made but haven't got any photos for. I'm sure most of you have heard about our Espada Shoot of Death from last year ... we're hoping to redo that shoot soon without any of the cosplayers dying this time LMAO. And I'll also be doing a LOLWTFBBQ shoot in a few weeks' time with Silver. Look forward (or maybe not) to the lulz :P

~ Harmony
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