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Moar Vocaloid Picspams

Previous Vocaloid cosplays: Normal & Beach versions | Synchronicity & Sandplay versions | Tsugai Kogarashi & Alice Human Sacrifice versions

Another double cosplay photoshoot picspam in one entry. XD I'm taking a break from sewing so this might be the last Vocaloid one for a couple of months (bet most of you are going THANK GOD lol).

SPICE! is actually so so late Dx and Conchita took a while too, since the costume was actually made for SMASH! and we only got to do the shoot recently orz but better late than never y/y?

Thanks to Ai-chan and Icie respectively for the above two photographs!

SPICE!: No progress pics for this one since it's essentially a cosplay based on this, from the PV, in which Meiko wears a black strapless. Pulled it right out of my closet lol, yay for being resourceful XD (I apologize in advance for my hilarious attempt at trying to being sexy the way the PV was ... it seriously just makes me lol at myself orz I'm sorry)

Conchita, The Epicurean Daughter of Evil: I absolutely love the gorgeous design and sadistic PV/story of Conchita (which I believe is Meiko's most well-known song?). It would be wrong for me to cosplay a billion versions of Meiko and to not do Conchita. :D It was actually great 'coz I already had 5m of red satin lying around at home so I barely had to buy anything! Making my first ballgown was a good experience, 3 weeks all up to sew. Costume progress photos can be found here.

(Based on the SPICE! costume designs)

Harmony/myself as Meiko | itakoaya as Luka | REN as Miku | Kani as Rin | Kotani as Len
Photography by Ai-chan & itakoaya (thank you!)

Wake-up call at 4am ...

Our Hime-chan <3

Sexy pimp Len.

(So cute >3<)

The adult women of the group.

Len's not such a little boy anymore. XD

(Ren and I kept joking that this shot was about discussing Kaito being bigger or something equally immature xD)

The pimp and his harem.

(Based on the Conchita costume designs)

Harmony/myself as Meiko (Conchita) | ttwisted as Kaito (The Chef) | tehcrayonofdoom as Len (The Butler) | alysael as Rin (The Maid)
Photography by Icie & rayfy_chan (thank you!).

The cute maid & butler.

The chef/slave (who is ordered to feed me nomnom XD).

(Such a pushover :P /is mean).

(... To our Great Conchita.)

(Hahahah I love Len-kun's face in this XD so seedy)

Servants' quarters.

Insatiable hunger.

"Really, they are all so useless ..."

On a villa picnic. XD

(Today's menu: chef salad).

The Epicurean Daughter of Evil.

The devourer in her castle. (Uploaded this one already but thanks Beethy for this shot).

I do have a couple more Meiko versions planned, but taking a break from sewing for now so they might not be for a little while. XD In the meantime, trying to do photoshoots for old costumes I don't have photos for :U (which is heaps T_T wish me luck orz).

~ Harmony
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