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Picspam of Recent Vocaloid Shoots

Previous Vocaloid cosplays: Normal & Beach versions | Synchronicity & Sandplay versions

Yet again, another double cosplay photoshoot post in one entry, since this is late XD I might do the same for Conchita once the shoot's done and Spice once the photos are sorted, too.

Here's the shots from Tsugai Kogarashi shoot just under a month ago and the Alice Human Sacrifice mini-shoot at Manifest 2 weeks ago. There was a bit of drama associated with both but I won't write it again here, I've already ranted about it here and here XD

Thanks to Bubby and chisathechi respectively for the above two photographs!

Tsugai Kogarashi (番凩): Tsugai Kogarashi (or "Pair of Wintry Winds"/"Pair Tree Witherer" in the English title) has a special place in my heart. It's the first Vocaloid song I listened to properly, and the song that actually got me interested in the fandom. I was so happy to be able to finally cosplay this, especially with zimiel who makes a very handsome Kaito! Costume progress photos can be found here.

Alice Human Sacrifice: This costume was so fast & easy since Meiko's design for this PV was really simple. All I did was to alter a red pinafore & white top that I already had sitting in my wardrobe, adding lace/ruffles & buttons to them. The only thing I had to make from scratch was the apron so I was able to put it all together very quickly ;D No progress pics for this costume since it was primarily alteration work.

(Based on the Tsugai Kogarashi costume designs)

Harmony/myself as Meiko | zimiel as Kaito
Photography by Bubby (thank you!)

Sitting under the sun. (Sorta taken from the PV. XD)

Brief tranquility <3

Looking at fishies XD

A dry leaf ...

... And the wintry winds.

Village dance ;P

Binding red thread.

Sword at the ready.

Comfort during hardship <3

A secret kiss XD <3

(Thanks also to zimiel for the beautiful maple leaves XD).

Fleeing together at last.

(Based on the Alice Human Sacrifice costume designs)

Harmony/myself as Meiko | moonblader as Kaito | minami_373 as Miku | rayfy_chan as Len | rose_papillon as Rin
Photography by chisathechi, bubblefire and terrastrife (thank you!)

Just a note, the different editing styles of the photos are attributed to the 3 separate photographers ... and forgive my derpiness in the photos, it was quite a tiring day XD

The First Alice.

The handsome Second Alice (Ahaha moonblader looks so glamorous lol XD)

The beautiful Third Alice.

The adorable Fourth Alice pair.

Twins playing <3

Hide & seek ^^

The beginnings of the red path.

Don't look behind you ...

(I know Kaito wasn't killed by Meiko in the video, but this shot still turned out cool).

The creation of the red path?
(Didn't mean to make Meiko look like the one who killed everyone, but sorta looks that way) XD

All Alices lost in Wonderland.

With all the cons in the last few weeks and one more coming up, I'm quite physically and mentally exhausted ... can't wait for a break. As mentioned though, I'm waiting on photos from the recent Spice! shoot and Conchita shoot will be coming in a few weeks so I'll be able to post them up ^^

Lol so much Vocaloid ... someone find me another fandom to get obsessed over orz.

~ Harmony
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