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Vocaloid Is Eating My Life Dx

Previous Vocaloid cosplays: Normal & Beach versions

Double cosplay post in the one entry, since this is embarrassingly super-late as it is Dx;; but here's another massive picspam, regardless.

So here we have Synchronicity and Sandplay photos in one go (I've been on this huge Vocaloid high and won't stop loving it for a while yet! ♥).

Thanks to Icie and moonblader respectively for the above two photographs!

Synchronicity: I fell in love with Meiko's design at first sight but this costume was a bit of a challenge to make, especially since it was my first time working with armor and I was a complete n00b. Although the end result for my armor wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, I felt it was good practice for my upcoming Trinity Blood costume, so the experience factor is definitely a plus ;D Costume progress photos can be found here.

Sandplay: One of my better costumes for the year I think lol, considering I've been working on simple ones up until now, so being able to make a costume that's somewhat more embellished is a real pleasure (and I wanted to do Meiko justice since I do adore her and think she doesn't get enough love). The design was so pretty that I enjoyed making all parts of this cosplay (other than the boots & gloves, which I bought). Costume progress photos can be found here.

(Based on the Synchronicity costume designs)

Harmony/myself as Meiko | miyukiko as Len | minami_373 as Kaito | romanceizborn as Gakupo | lunarfish as Ruko
Photography by Icie and strawbarry_gurl (thank you!)

The travelling four. <3

Hawt Len-kun ^^

(I always love how this one looks like Len's waiting for a striptease XDD)


Our fah~bulously beautiful scholar.

A gentle sunset (*A* so pretty).

Our gorgeous Kaito (who I reckon should've done the robes outfit too ROFLMAO).

Resting on the journey. <3

One last look back.

(Based on the Sandplay costume designs)

Harmony/myself as Meiko | Silver as Rin | ravient as Len
Photography by moonblader (thank you!)

Horse-riding uhuhuhu (this shot was so cute xD)

The lovely twins.

In the dragon's garden.

A broody Len *swoons* XD

The beautiful Rin-chan.

And Len showing off his gleaming shirt. 8D

The funny thing is, this won't be the end of the insane cosplay period after all. The end of this month will see me & Silver's wtfbbq shoot - along with a mini-shoot with my lovely Horror-Daddy and Horror-Little Sis which I'm very much looking forward to ^^ And then it's time to slave away on sewing Trinity Blood orz"

I hope to cosplay more Vocaloid after that though ... the fandom is eating up my life right now ♥ (Conchita anyone?)

~ Harmony
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