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It's kinda pathetic to write this report a month late for a photoshoot that was also like several months late DX orz" I'm sorry!

As I've written on dA, we recently had our seriously overdue Ishtar shoot, with an added lunarfish-of-the-bunny-ears who decided to join us at the last minute which was a lovely surprise <3 this was one of the easier costumes I've made, being simply a slightly-embellished potato sack and all, and the first time I've actually had to go darker instead of lighter for a cosplay (super-dark foundation is win ♥). I'm grateful that our Kaiba sunset_swish initially organized our full YGO group, although I'm not sure if we'll ever have a photoshoot with everyone (depends on them I guess).

The Pimpshtar.

The location we settled on was this beautiful park 5 mins away from my house that was really lush green & foresty in some areas, and rocky in others. The week before I was sweating blood trying to find an Egypt-looking sandy photoshoot location and my dad and I ended up in this middle of nowhere place orz" it was my fault for finding sandy areas visually via Google Maps ... there was this large one that we travelled 40 mins for only to discover it was completely closed off, and I never realized 'coz the fence doesn't show up in the satellite images >_>;; *is dumb*. But it worked out in the end I guess, 'coz from certain angles the rocky area does look kind of Egyptian, so it's all good. ;)

Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay
Harmony/myself as Ishizu (Isis) | kaiya02 as Marik | lunarfish as Yami Bakura
Photography by rayfy_chan (thank you!)
Extra-special thanks to kaiya02 and ravient for helping me with my Millennium Necklace. <3

Ishtar siblings = Egyptian powahhh.

Marik and his hot pants (+ the rod of endless jokes).

All-seeing eye.

Attitude: a prerequisite for wannabe bad boys. XD

Among other things.

(Bunny ears ♥ x3 Su is so cute)

Desert oasis. ;)

Playful banter XD

It's in the cards.

Hawt Marik is hawt. (I'd like to think he's scheming in this pic).

Creating history.

(Behind the scenes - we were hobbling around because our costumes were so tight and especially because of my long potato sack dress I had to be escorted over the rocks like some prissy princess:)

Marik holding my hand to aid me.
My dear brother is secretly such a gentleman. ♥

Also this pic was inspired by a rather horribly made AMV that our Kaiba sunset_swish accidentally saw and decided to also traumatize me with XD pic linked and not shown in case it causes brain damage. XDD

Vocaloid cosplay post & hopefully general life update post coming up soon <3 all these things are so long overdue ;A;

~ Harmony
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