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mX Feature :D

Copypasta'd from dA, I know xD

Don't forget to pick up the mX today, you may see some familiar faces in costume ;) here's the cosplay photograph of us that was featured; I finished sewing the Sandplay costume like 1am before this was taken.

Thank you so much to Kenny for giving us this wonderful opportunity to represent cosplay to the public!!

Featuring: amenokitarou, tsubakichan, mewtwo2222 and athira in their amazing costumes - and myself as Meiko, Sandplay version.

UPDATE 21/03: Went to Mini (not that I went in) to see everyone. :D Baked cookies & cake with caimekazie and aegwynn_aran and parked ourselves on the benches outside the door and distributed them xD I huggled everyone I could. You guys had some amazing cosplays, it made me wish I'd cosplayed too! *A* And congrats to the AWESOME darlings who got through WCS and won prizes in the cosplay comp! ♥

~ Harmony
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