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A Whole New ... *SMACK*

Considering the MASSIVE amount of picspam on dA recently by everyone from our Vocaloid family, you are most welcome to ignore this ... since it's another massive picspam xD

As you all already know, the other day we had a shoot for Vocaloid for their main outfits as well as beach versions:

Thanks to Ray for the above two photographs!

It was kind of a stinking hot day, but at the same time, it rained which was kinda =_= but we got through the photoshoot somehow. We were glad that after months and months of waiting, we got this done. Our Len-kun is going home to Indonesia tomorrow, so it was wonderful that we got to share these last moments with her <33

Making Meiko's costume wasn't all too hard, at least not as hard as I was expecting it to be. This was a great learning experience for me in terms of sewing vinyl. xDD (We have lots of sewing "horror" stories actually ... Miku-chan powering on to finish her costume in the mad scramble of the morning of the con at Kaito-kun's house, and Eggplant-kun pulling an all-nighter finishing his costume at my place while Len-kun and I passed out - but those will be left for another time. Sydney cosplay craziness!)

Forgive the different photography styles in this entry ... we had three different photographers, all of whom were very talented =) we owe much to them.

Vocaloid cosplay: main costumes & beach costumes
Silver as Rin | Harmony as Meiko | ravient as Len | aegwynn_aran as Kaito | caimekazie as Gakupo | rinne_chan as Miku
Photography by rayfy_chan, moonblader and Kris (thank you!)

Brotherly affection.

Rin-chan is made of much cuteness. <3

The "adults" mean srs bsns.

Len-kun being bullied by the big boys ~

Kaito in reminiscence.

Beautiful Miku singin' in the rain.

(... We were so lucky to find all these color panels 8D)

(One of my favorite shots of them. So cute it makes me wanna die)

A kidnapping!

There's usually no messin' around when it comes to the older Vocaloids ...
But Gakupo sometimes can't resist. <3

Eggplant-kun (essentially) eats himself.

The Vocaloids, all ready to enter the spotlight.


Building leek-castles? xD

The adorable twins.

The boys play tug of war ... and the girls aren't really helping. xD

Tug of war-ing on each other's hair. Probably the losing team, by the looks of things? (Ohoho *smacked*) 8D

Frolicking in the sand.

This shot was an in-joke in direct reference to this picture (semi-nsfw).
Miku-chan's cosplayed Halibel & I've cosplayed Neliel recently. xD

Meiko is unimpressed.

Pimp!Gakupo gets all the ladies.

Len and Kaito are jealous of who here?? xD *Shot*

A wistful Gakupo.

A day with the sand, sky & surf.

We're rising stars - rising as one star. ♥

Thanks so much to everyone who made this shoot possible, and everyone else for your lovely support. ^^ Silver & I (and undoubtedly, the others) are very grateful!

Until our next cosplay (... which might actually be Vocaloid again, in their other versions xDDD)!

~ Harmony
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