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Let's go, let's go, Rikkaidai


Thank you Icie for your beautiful photography!

Yeah. So as most of you can guess, I put my Sanada cap on for a second time, and attended a great photoshoot two days ago with my Rikkai family (thank you so much guys, especially Madara for organizing ♥ it was amazing). And unlike during SMASH, our Yukimura-buchou has returned to our ranks, meaning that WE HAD THE WHOLE RIKKAI TEAM THIS TIME ... yaaay! :'D

I always make my own cosplay costumes (or alter existing everyday clothes from my closet if I'm short on time), but this uniform was borrowed from ravient, so I make no claims to making this particular cosplay. However, I did make my wristbands, and I did do the logo on the cap with Silver's kind assistance.

It was a really fun shoot, only problem was it was so hot *A* I had an epic tan when I got home. According to Drew he read that it was meant to be 24 degrees Celcius? PFFFF YEAH, IT SO WASN'T 24 DEGREES. Probably closer to mid-30s. But apart from the heat, I was so happy to be able to see my Rikkai family again. :'D

We had so many jokes about Yukimura fainting/dying. xDDD And since everyone else in the team loved SanaYuki, it was probably a given that I had to do some pairing shots with my adorable Yukimura (I'm not actually a SanaYuki shipper, but their canon relationship is still quite sweet) ♥

Prince of Tennis cosplay
Harmony/myself as Sanada | jyo_y as Yukimura | kaiya02 as Renji | sunset_swish as Yagyuu | gn004nadleeh as Niou | tehcrayonofdoom as Kirihara | bubblefire as Jackal | ravient as Bunta
Photography by Icie (thank you!)



Watching a game.

... And getting distracted.

It's Yukimura's seeeerve ~
(Yukimura looks so small behind me lol ... I don't mind the idea of SanaYuki doubles)

A love game. 8D (There's fierce admiration behind every loss.)

Kirihara's being bullied. xD
(Yes, he's actually sitting between my legs ... lol)

Rikkaidai is unstoppable.

The Three Demons.

We're back in action. ;3

And here, have a bonus Tenimyu-worthy shimmey.

... Yagyuu is naturally the most intense. 8Db

EDIT May 2011 I originally had progress pics for a Vocaloid costume here, but have since removed it due to issues with my cosplay photos being stolen lol >_>;;

In the meantime, Happy New Year in advance everyone ♥

~ Harmony
Tags: cosplay, cosplay progress, photoshoot, prince of tennis
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