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General quick update ... again

This week has been pretty hectic. There were two full days when I literally just moved from one thing on my schedule to another without going home x_X but select parts of it were crazy fun. It included stuff like photoshooting and scary horror videos. XD

Recently you've probably heard me ranting a lot about various unwholesome things on LJ, FB & Twitter ... it's been a while since I've felt this good really. I'm still losing sleep because of work unfortunately, but my general mood's gotten better especially because I'm spending more and more time with some of the people I care about. Which is always soothing, especially considering I'm often feeling pretty lonely.

For a start, there was Lelouch's birthday ♥ we had a special Lelouch cake (baked by itakoaya a.k.a. Lelouch himself) and everything! Thank you to our handsome Suzaku sunset_swish for inviting me to be a part of the photoshoot~! Sorry about only being able to stay for 2.5ish hours >_<

Thank you Icie for your beautiful photography!
Click here to see some more photos. ^^

Games & Creepypasta Galooooore

Yesterday I spent the whole day with Silver, Meeko and some of the other girls from high school as well as their friends. We had a full (video) games day, which was amazing fun. We discovered our suckage at trying to keep ourselves & each other alive in co-operative Mario and I rediscovered my epic suckage at racing games. There were lots of hilarious moments involving SingStar (the guys were singing bad falsetto & there was a disastrous song they didn't know but tried anyway, where they ended up getting less than 1500 points XD) and Street Fighter (where they used Guitar Hero guitars as their controllers to fight each other LOL! It was hilarious seeing the characters fight onscreen but the people in front of the TV were strumming guitars furiously XD). The games day lasted like ... 12 hours or something? Woah.

The Friday before that I went from work straight to meet caimekazie and aegwynn_aran (at his house) as we have pretty much been ritualistically doing recently, but this night was particularly great. We watched a few creepypasta videos and then came to the conclusion that the house was actually pretty scary XD Tom's living area was all timber walling and old photographs and kind of murky lighting. From the front, the windows were well-worn and shrouded. Later that night he took us to look at the area under his house and MY GOD was it creepy as hell. I'm actually hoping that one day we could shoot a short horror movie there ♥ (with his permission of course lol).

Also. Tom makes THE MOST HILARIOUS Irish policeman impression in the world.

We all fell into relatively peaceful sleep with Chicago playing in the background, and I got up the next morning and headed off to the wonderful Lelouch's birthday photoshoot. <3

One does not simply walk into Hueco Mundo ... no, seriously

Going back in time, the Espada shoot failed spectacularly. But I'm sure you've heard about that from almost everyone involved. I don't regret it at all! XD I laugh when I think back to it now - but it was still quite a story-worthy nightmare.

With the 41-degree heat in the sand dunes, everyone held on extremely well but I got very sick very fast. And thinking about my long-sleeves long-pants long-gloves long-wig high-boots heavy-mask I'm not all that surprised. I think I was literally crawling in the sand by the end of it, and I actually had to be carried out of there by my fellow cosplayers, which was highly embarrassing (but I'm so grateful for it. I might've been in hospital from heatstroke if it hadn't been for everyone's help & support). TL;DR We spent like half an hour trying to get to the dunes, failing because of the epic heat, and having a photoshoot that lasted about ten minutes (seriously) lolololol!

I apologize to the photographers on behalf of everyone in the group. Getting the hot sand out of your lenses must have been a nightmare. (I was relieved to have gotten all the sand stains out of my costume after I washed it ...)

We did get a few good shots thanks to the photographers' hard work, which you can see in my Facebook if you have it. But we (more specifically, t8_steve/Grimmjow, rinne_chan/Halibel and myself) aren't 100% satisfied and will definitely go back next year to take better shots. IN WINTER.

Photoshoots we have left to get done: our Vocaloid family, our Rikkai family (before Ravi goes back), Silent Hill hopefully early next year ... ♥

Hoping that this general good mood will keep up.

~ Harmony
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