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Singing / recording exercise

Ok. So basically, what spurred this on was that yesterday I was kind of angsting on Twitter about how, despite having just under 13 years' worth of singing training, I felt like my skills were kind of slipping - I still sing publically every 2 weeks but it's been a while since my last one-on-one singing lesson with a teacher (I paused due to money issues). I know that since then my diaphragm strength has weakened somewhat, my range has also shrunk a little, and my lung capacity too ... gods, I need to do more breathing & vocal exercises at home.

So today I decided to try to brush up a bit by doing a small recording exercise - mind you, I hate hearing recordings of my own voice X__X but that torture is part of the exercise, because I want to get better. I also felt that sharing it here might open myself up to necessary criticism, especially because I seriously need to improve A LOT - so be it.

tehcrayonofdoom also promised me that she would send a recording of her singing if I sent her one :D so here you are sweetie, just don't kill your ears listening to it. Can't wait to hear yours.

This exercise took 3 hours (including prep), and unfortunately the result isn't as good as I hoped (not that it can ever be XD) but I tried. Just a few things to note.

- This is just a snippet of the beginning of Everything Burns from the Fantastic Four movie. If you want to hear the actual song you can listen to it here. (Lyrics are here if you want them).

- I'm a natural Alto (deep female voice). I chose this song as appropriate to my current range strength. I know it's a kind of emo song, but the tune is very lovely so I hope you can bear with me.

- I recorded my singing with the computer mic SO IT SOUNDS EVEN MORE CRAP. XD

- Also, I used a karaoke track for the accompaniment, which is why you can hear some annoying backup singing. However, as most of you would know if you know the original, the chorus is actually harmonized in two parts. I had to record myself singing the melody first, and then I went back and recorded myself singing the harmony. Hence you can hear two voices - they're both me (well, three voices with the karaoke backup).

- Please ignore the last bit starting from walking through life unnoticed ... I was trying to do a man-voice and it really failed :P

If you've heeded these warnings, you may click here and listen to my epic fail singing.
You don't need to download - just scroll down to the player and press play.

~ Harmony
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