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BL stands for ... Boys' Love <3

After the huuuuge delay, we finally managed to have the Gakuen Heaven photoshoot that we'd been planning for ages OTL. Unfortunately we lost our Niwa (to jetlag) and our Shunsuke (to a stomachache) on that day, but the two of us and whoever else is willing to come will shoot separately with them later on so they won't miss out on the lovin' <3


Coz ghey, pretty Private School boys always deserve boyband poses XD
Thanks rayfy for the stunning photography.

I think this must seriously be one of the best (if not the best) photoshoots I've ever been a part of. It's not only because everyone was so freaking hot =P but I've had the most fun on this day than I've had in a while. Love you guys!

This was easily one of the simplest costumes to sew & most comfortable to wear :D

Special credits to all the photographers who came to lend us your talents, to Bubble for the location, Bubble's mummy for bringing us food, and to Kaiya for cutting my Kazuki wig for me. And special thanks to Silver for being my hawt uke the most adorable Keita in the world. This shoot wouldn't have been what it was without you guys.

Gakuen Heaven cosplay
Silver as Keita | Harmony as Kazuki
sunset_swish as Nakajima | gn004nadleeh as Saionji | itakoaya as Shichijou | glorfindel as Iwai | breathless_ness as Shinomiya | bubblefire as Naruse
Photography by rayfy

(Sorry about the OTP spam =P I think we got carried away taking KazukixKeita shots).

V-formation of gheyness 8D

Kazuki loves his Keita. ♥
The two above shots were taken by Christie.

... So cuuuuuuute >A<

(Yes we are aware they're all in different years :P Ssssshhh)

A little private study time. <3


Keita is the fandom bicycle.

Quality time with Shichijou-san.

asfasdhalsdhalafasghs I love my moe Keita ;____;
This pic is one of my faves, always makes me die a little bit ♥

We kind of tried to recreate this, with much epic fail =P

The sweet uke ...

... And the gentle seme.

Moar boyband formations go

... Yeah, no. XD

And of course ...

Thank you once again everyone who was a part of this, who came on time and co-operated so well with each other, staying so smexy the whole day and for making this one of the most enjoyable photoshoots ever.

~ Harmony :'D

PS: Also, have a photoshop edit by my lovely Keita that One Piece fans will appreciate :P
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