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Rambling xDD

There are only two real points to this entry:

- My brother had another little girl yesterday! My new niece was sooooo tiny and cute ;A; Yeah just thought I'd squee about that, since she's such an adorable little baby XD

- And Supernatural 5.01 OMG. Just finished watching it:

It's weird to talk about the ending first, but ... the conversation between Dean and Sam at the end made me all teary ;___; I felt really sad for them; they'd been split apart so many times already. (Though I agree that Sam probably did deserve a bit of a smackin'). There's most likely gonna be a fair bit of angsting from here on ~

WTF at Dean and the whole Michael's sword business? Lol how many Chosen Ones and vessels are there gonna be? xD But the Michael's sword revelation sounds kinda worrying - there's a small part of me that's selfishly hoping we don't end up with a self-sacrificial ending (it would probably be the most appropriate kind of ending, and I'd admit it, but it'd be so heartbreaking T__T I can never see Sam and Dean as anything other than two halves of a whole).

AND CAAAAAAAAAS I LOVE CAAAAAAAAAAS ♥ I'm curious about the airplane business that he and Zachariah were "oh no" "oh yes"ing about. Oh well, I guess it'll all be revealed in due time.

... Btw, Meg? MEG?? WTF IS THIS FAGGOTRY? XD Meg is ... so 2006. Just when we thought we were done with annoying demon-bitch girls (for the record, I liked Ruby before they changed the actors. After that, Ruby just turned annoying and I was glad to see her gone). Should be interesting to bring an old adversary back, I guess - probably better than introducing a new character - provided she doesn't end up as annoying as Ruby ended up being. I didn't mind Meg much either, but now that they've changed the actors the same thing might end up happening =__=

I thought the introduction of Lucifer was a bit tame in this ep. I know that they're trying to make the gentleness a part of his charm, but the whole channeling-the-wife scene kind of made him seem sorta like "just any other demon". After all, he's Satan - I wish they'd made him a little creepier? He's meant to be the big bad boss of Hell. Perhaps it'll change from the second ep, now that he's got his vessel? Like with Alastair. Damn Alastair was creepy. xD

Oh yeah, and one more thing I can't forget to mention: ROFLMAO at Dean's "screw the angels and the demons, they can fight on their own planet. We'll kill them all, Lucifer, even Michael if we have to, bring it on" attitude xDDD He's so ambitious.

I can't wait to see more <33 I've been craving SPN for so long. And Merlin is coming back real soon too. This is a good September!

By the way, I know that quite a few of you have been waiting for me to make a post about the Trinity Blood cosplay group - I've had my hands full but I promise I'll do it really soon, hopefully in the next couple of days. :) I already can't believe how many of you have decided to join / expressed interest in joining. Love you, flist - looking forward to it!

~ Harmony
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