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^ See title. ^ Bakuman, Katekyo Hitman Reborn TYL, Bleach Espada and Eyeshield 21 cosplays under the cut(s).

It's been a crazy few months, but finally con season is oveeeeeer omg. No more stress!sewing for a while! I had a 7-hour nap today, that felt so good after a whole month of sleeping 4-5 hours per day. Now I can come home from work and actually rest, watch videos and read yaoi (lol) instead of sewing like a crazy person XD

To summarize the last month in one paragraph: Silver & I went to Melbourne for Manifest and that was our first interstate cosplay, which was a pretty good experience :D And then, pretty much straight after we got back to Sydney, we were assaulted with Animania with way too little time in between oh noes DX

Eyeshield 21 cosplay - thank you rayfy for the photograph!
Myself (Harmony) as Taki Suzuna | sunset_swish as Kobayakawa Sena


We arrived in Melbourne on Friday around midday ... and only got to Manifest at 4pm when the con was pretty much almost closing. ROFLMAO that was so fail. We went to deserted suburban stations in which there were no taxis anywhere to be seen, and were roaming around for ages trying to find the venue. When we got there it was so quiet, only a few cosplayers walking around LOLLL. We did manage to do a very quick photoshoot though:

Bakuman cosplay - thank you rayfy for the photograph!
Myself (Harmony) as Miho, Chapter 13 color-spread | Silver as Takagi
Thanks ravient and bubblefire for being our Mashiro & Miyoshi!

My costume was pretty much pieced together from separate articles of clothing - all I did was to sew the lace at the bottom of the shirt, which was awesome. Teehee I still like how Ravi & I are holding hands in this shot, it's a pretty cute pairing ~

Getting home on Friday night was crazy - we went back to Ray & Bubble's hotel room and we all worked on cosplay together. We hadn't finished our costumes, which was so fail *headdesk* I had to cosplay Genkishi the next morning and I hadn't started my shoulder armor, and I also had to cosplay Neliel on Sunday and I hadn't started my boots. Ray also had to cosplay Ulquiorra on Sunday and he hadn't started his hakama. It was hectic, but it was epic fun. Thanks for helping me with my boots Ray :D

SATURDAY WAS KHR TYL GROUP OF EPICNESS. I was seriously so happy to be a part of this group:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn cosplay - thank you naokii for the photograph!
Myself (Harmony) as Genkishi | Silver as TYL!Hibari
Thanks cielrose and k_chan009 for letting us join your group!

Our Chrome and Shou-chan were missing from this shot D:

It was my first time working with faux leather. It was a challenge and a bitch to sew :( but I liked how it turned out photographically. Despite my fail sewing, the texture turned out awesome in the photos! You can find a close-up for my Genkishi here (thanks Neil!). I didn't have time to make his 4 swords for Manifest - I only brought one - but I'll definitely do them for the formal photoshoot when we have one.

This was a really epic group. If I'm not mistaken, this TYL group was made out of cosplayers from FOUR DIFFERENT STATES in Australia. The fact that we all simply met up on the day, rehearsed our skit pretty much 2 hours before (that was the only way we could practice, since we were scattered all over Aussie) and still won First Place for Best Skit was pretty surreal and awesome!

Our skit can be found here :D BYAKURAN-SAMAAAA ~ MUKURO-SAMAAAA I LOVE YOU GUYS ♥ we're so honored to have cosplayed in this group <333

At the end of the day, after we left the con, the Espada family got together and rehearsed for our skit for Sunday at Aizen-sama's shared rented apartment.

Sunday morning was pretty funny - we were sort of late-ish because our Ulquiorra, rayfy, took so long to put on his white make-up (it was so worth it though, because he looked really freaking awesome). We got to Manifest and met up with the rest of our Espada family.

And seriously, at one point we were all walking from one building to another, I was in the lead and I just turned around - behind me I saw our Espada family all dressed in white, walking together, and my heart totally skipped a beat. That was how awesome everyone looked.

Have a picture of us onstage:

Bleach Espada cosplay - thank you Lady Bhaal for the photograph!
Myself (Harmony) as Neliel tu Oderschvank | Silver as Luppi
Thanks to our Espada family for cosplaying with us!

This costume was pretty fun to sew actually. I thought I would vomit blood doing the diagonal patterns on Nel's back & chest, but it turned out to be easier than I thought xDD

I am SO ELATED about this group. I was so unbelievably happy about everyone's enthusiasm and contributions to the group. It was so easy to manage - everyone helped with the organization. Our Wonderweiss lil_starfish also helped me make my Neliel mask (thank you so much!! I can't be more grateful to you!!) when she heard how panicked I was about how little time I had and how much stuff I still had to do, to which she has my undying and eternal love.

Everyone was incredibly sexy ~ see our skit here. We managed to win First Place for Best Group, so that was two first place prizes in a row in two days of cosplay!

We'll do a proper formal photoshoot in the sand dunes very very soon, and we'll have our awesome Cirucci, Halibel & Bankai Ichigo then. ♥

Sunday night was great. After a HILARIOUS incident (I'll be honest with you - I'm still laughing about it now) that involved a whole mob of about 200 cosplayers running across the street like a bunch of mental cases (with me, Grimmjow and Aizen-sama in the lead - which probably explains everything) we had dinner to celebrate our three days of success at Manifest <3

Monday was so relaxed. The Espada family went out around Melbourne and went shopping with minhhhhh, our Gamma from our TYL KHR group. The Espada family even discovered that we'd actually all booked the SAME FLIGHT together, which was pretty cool because it was totally unintentional - we had no idea! XD So after that, we all got onto the airport shuttle bus, and flew back to Sydney, and that was the end of our Manifest magic. :)


Sydney Animania was awesome. It was a lot better than last year! Silver didn't cosplay, she entered the volunteer team, but she fulfilled her requirements for going - she didn't want to go to Animania unless she got free entry, and she ended up getting free entry as a volunteer hahaha.

The other members of my ES21 group were pretty amazing! Madara made an incredibly gorgeous Sena ;A; I seriously wanted to squish her all day >3< Bubble made a really extreme Monta, and looked awesomely epic and was in-character the whole day! lemonlimebitter MADE AN INCREDIBLE TRANSFORMATION - I think it was his first serious cosplay? His Musashi was so hot omg. And col_of_man looked exactly like Taki. He looked so awesome :'( I'm so proud of you my brother ;A; I love you guys, thanks for cosplaying with me!

Our potential Kurita/Komusubi itakoaya couldn't make it to the con in the end, and our Hiruma gn004nadleeh's fangs and pointed ears didn't arrive in time :( but we're definitely going to have a proper photoshoot very soon, so they'll both be part of it. Ita will be so fat & cute & cuddly XDDD and Nadleeh is going to be so freaking hot as Hiruma ;A; I can't wait to see them.

Unfortunately there weren't really good-quality photos of our group that I could find just yet, apart from the shots of me & Madara on the couch:

Eyeshield 21 cosplay - thank you rayfy for the photograph!
Myself (Harmony) as Suzuna | sunset_swish as Sena

... But don't worry!! We'll make sure to have good shots of everyone when we have our proper Deimon shoot.

This costume was about as much of a bitch to sew as Genkishi was, believe it or not. I think this was the worst costume I ever sewed in terms of its quality *headdesks* the wings, particularly, took me quite some time to attach to the back of my top. And it went all floppy by the end of the day *facepalms* I'll have to reattach it for the photoshoot.

We didn't compete this time - it was our first time going to Animania without entering the competition. It was worth it though - entering would've given us more stress I think.

I love cosplaying Suzuna, she's so cute xDDD I've done her casual version and now her Deimon cheerleader version ... I can't wait to do her school uniform and Team Japan cheerleader outfit as well.

I'm so so happy ;A; These last few weeks have been hectic, but epic. So much sewing and so little sleep, but it was worth it. I love you guys <33 (y)our future cosplays will be even greater xD

~ Harmony
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