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So exhausted

Gakuen Heaven Shoot :'(

Most of you already know that the Gakuen Heaven photoshoot that was scheduled for this weekend has now been delayed to SUNDAY OCTOBER 11TH due to circumstances that couldn't be helped. I wanted to apologize to the photographers on behalf of everyone - sorry about this. (It's sad that it's been pushed back 3 months, but at least I'd finished my Kazuki costume, so I don't have to think about it!)

Espada Group Meeting

--is scheduled for this Friday at 6pm at Ajisen Ramen (across Paddy's Markets) to discuss COSTUME PROGRESS, SKIT and PHOTOSHOOT. So far everyone's coming except for rayfy who has his weekly BFF Friday with Eric :P bubblefire I know you're sick so could you let me know if you're coming or not? It's okay if you don't. (In fact, are you still coming to Manifest? Have you got your HSC timetable?)

I'll send around another email tomorrow just in case Steve some people accidentally miss this entry again :P

Deimon Group Meeting

--is scheduled for Sunday August 2nd, so please keep that date free, fellow bats ♥ more details to come. That will be a sewing day for our costumes & also for SKIT and PHOTOSHOOT discussion. I left a message with our Hiruma & Sena and am waiting to hear back from them to see if it's alright to come to their house to do the mass sewing. Will give you an update once they tell me :) But basically are all of you alright with this?

General Update

Silver & Ray's party was great fun! I recycled the Card Captor Sakura costume that I made, which still fit me after 4 years - good thing too, I was a lot skinnier back then ;P Picspam will come when I get the photographs off the lovely itakoaya, who cosplayed Mei Lin with me and was so gorgeous the whole day.

I just got home from my first day at my new job. It's great, I'm enjoying myself! I've only been trained in one segment of my duties so far and at the moment it's pretty straightforward. The software is relatively simple to use (though apparently it starts getting harder once I start working on stuff from the other side of the office), the atmosphere in the office is nice & relaxed and TV advertising is quite a fun field to work in! It IS hard work that needs focus (a lot of hours in front of the computer) and I might find it boring by next week, but it's the media so I'm not complaining. ♥

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