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Supanova 2009

Yeah I know I'm posting this rather late at night, sorry XD

Well, Supanova was kind of fail. It wasn't so much the con itself ... more like the cosplay competition's epic disorganization (on both days) as well as the rudeness of the staff ... yeah.

I haven't been to a convention in a few months and this was, well, disappointing :/ The best part of it was basically seeing everyone. EVERYONE WAS SO HOT. OMG. And seeing Tom's epic SMACK (which was so well-timed) along with Rinne's awesome backwards-flying. Most hilarious part of Sunday ever.

Anyway, on the Saturday I cosplayed as Isis / Ishizu Ishtar from Yu-Gi-Oh (thanks to our Kaiba for organizing the group!):

Credits to Bubby for this photo. Our Bandit Keith, Yami Bakura and Mokuba were missing from this shot ;__;

And on the Sunday, Silver cosplayed as Kagamine Rin and I cosplayed as Meiko from Vocaloid (thanks to our Miku for organizing the group!):

Credits to Bubby for this photo again. HAHAHA the twins are doing the ultra-ghey Gakuen Heaven pose XD

I had fun sewing both these costumes, though Ishizu killed me a bit with my fail sleeves and fail golden hair tubes >_<

We don't have proper photoshoot photos of ourselves as we were busy with various things during the con, but we're having both a YGO photoshoot day and a Vocaloid photoshoot day sometime soon - so these costumes won't go to waste :)

The first day was the biggest disappointment. We had members (including myself) who had to go to work / leave early and the comp was running late, and instead of taking control of everything in an orderly fashion, the staff chose to yell at the cosplayers instead. They were especially so rude to our YGO group, screaming at us until all the other cosplayers there turned to look at us, that we withdrew from the competition altogether. (The thing that pissed me off most was the guy saying, "oh, so you guys are withdrawing. Nobody told us that". We told you that about 5 mins ago, if nobody told you how the hell did you know we withdrew?).

We ended up going outside and having ice-cream. We still recorded our skit on our own videocam though. It was done in one take and was kind of disastrous, as was proven by Yugi dropping all his cards, Kaiba tripping over his heels and Grandpa accidentally tickling my foot while falling over XD

Putting on super-dark makeup to match Ishizu's skin tone was rather interesting, I ended up getting it all over my dress XD scrubbed most of it with soap though so I hope people didn't see the stains it left afterwards. (And btw I cut my hair for Ishizu! It's not Kanda-length anymore. So technically Silver can no longer say I look like Kanda - she says it all the time lol). And thank you to Marik and Bakura for helping me pull up my strapless bra a gazillion times throughout the day; SO SO FAIL. The price of wearing an off-the-shoulder potato sack dress.

Second day was slightly less aggravating, but it was still pretty damn annoying as they screwed up our registration >_>;; they wouldn't let us sign in at first because they only had four names down. But all five of us had pre-registered and all of us even received the confirmation emails sent out. It turned out later on that the name they were missing was mine. WTF, Supanova. Queueing up again was such a freaking waste of my time.

I did feel better after doing our skit though, which was epically sleazy because it had het/yaoi/yuri/(tw)incest/shota/loli and implied smex in under two minutes:

Our Vocaloid skit in two different angles. Thanks girls!
Top: Recorded by Jill and uploaded by Aymie.
Bottom: Recorded and uploaded by Tsubaki.

Rotflmao, that Kaito smacking part ... I've been watching that bit over and over again today. I can't get over it, it's really damn funny coz Tom's timing is so precise and Rinne flew backwards so far XDDD Seriously want a .gif of that made into an LJ icon.

Supanova is apparently strict on being family-friendly and the judges really look down on seedy/sleazy so we already knew we weren't gonna win XDDDD but it was so worth it. Congratulations to all the winners though!

SMASH is the next con? SO EXCITED FOR RIKKAI COSPLAY OMG. I haven't decided whether I'll cut my hair again for Sanada yet. I can't wait to hold a half-dead Jyo in my arms and yell YUKIMURAAAAAAAA (and to see Madara throwing herself while shimmying).

~ Harmony
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