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Gakuen Shoot

Gakuen girls/boys (whichever you prefer XD) ~ please mark SUNDAY, JULY 26 down in your diaries for the GH shoot. Silver mentioned that Sunday might be better for her than the Saturday, and I think Sunday might be better for others too?

Location-scouting: The two of us were brainstorming for locations, and we'll try to find out more on getting access to a school (unless one of you guys who's still in school would like to contribute/sacrifice your school to the cause) but if that doesn't work out, we were thinking of SCA as our backup lol so fail, we can hear Minami and Tsubaki going oh nooo already. We're both a bit bleh about it because it's SCA, but it's generally a nice location with good architecture so it's not bad for a plan C or D. Opinions?

Photography: This is just a suggestion and we're not going to enforce it or anything - but we'd like to recommend that each RL pair or trio (e.g., Madara & Nadleeh) etc. have their own photographer come, unless you're like Ita and ARE a pro photographer. XD We have 10 cosplayers in this shoot and it'd be best if we don't have a repeat of Aymie's party where some cosplayers were basically sitting around for 1-2 hours waiting for their turn to be taken shots of because of the limited number of photographers (and because we were pressed for time and were anxious to let the others have a go at being photographed, Madara & I didn't end up doing some of the shots we'd been planning D: awwh); this way each pair can basically have their singles/doubles shots done at the same time. We know how tiring it can get at the end of the day when cosplaying, so it'd be best to wrap up quickly and rest/relax and have dinner afterwards.

Added to this I know that everyone will want to do a picspam or post up their shots on DA/CosCom/CURE etc and it'd be a bit lame if we all ended up posting the same group shots from the same 2-3 photographers ^_^;; Please no more than 5 extra people (15 in total attending) though, so we keep it lower-key? rayfy will be coming for me & Silver, I think Icie will be coming for Madara & Nadleeh (?) and eur0philia is coming for some hawt Shichijou action :P so 1 or 2 more people. If you'd like to appoint someone please let us know here; additionally, if you're reading this and you're not involved in the GH shoot and would like to be one of our photographers, please let us know ♥ we'd love to have you!

Costuming: We're a bunch of pretty, ghey private-school boys. But you already knew that. 8D In addition to the blazer's center back seam that I posted about last time ...

... I was wondering if it was okay if we go with the "longer" white sleeve cuffs (Niwa/Keita picture on the left) as opposed to the "shorter" white sleeve cuffs (Kazuki/Keita picture on the right)?

I've seen pictures of both but pictures of the longer one seems to be more common, and in my own personal opinion it looks better (feel free to shoot me if you don't give a rat's ass what I think XD). So I was wondering if doing the longer one would be okay with everyone? D:

We'll post more specific details about the shoot closer to the date.

~ Harmony
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