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Please keep these dates free, guys? 8D


First of all, thanks so much to rayfy, itakoaya (bahaha until 2am, ILU SO HARD ITA xDDD), ravient and kaiya02 (even though you left early! Wish you could've stayed!) for the AWESOME super-long epic chat/gossip session that lasted for hours with dinner. I totally had a blast, we were lol'ing all the way through, and we all ... well, managed to successfully open a few doors that had been previously closed. That was like, the most epic bonding session evaaar. xDDD I would do it again in a heartbeat. ♥

Secondly, thank you and much love to everyone for coming to the fabric-shopping yesterday! I think we managed to get everyone's stuff for Gakuen Heaven (and ES21 too, actually)? I'm not sure if we're missing a few buttons and we're still waiting on the gold bias which will be distributed to everyone at glorfindel's party, but we have most of what we need. So until July, happy sewing my BL family!

Speaking of which, in case you guys aren't aware, the date of the GH photoshoot'll be set according to Silver's uni work and overseas trip, so she's the one who's deciding on the date ... yesterday she mentioned that the weekend of July 25/26 would be best - so we may have the shoot on either one of those two days. What do you guys think?

And if you could, please everyone keep the weekend of July 18/19 free too ;) those dates are around the times of Silver and rayfy's birthdays, and I believe they're planning something! <3

~ Harmony

PS: BAHAHA ILU MADARA XDDD I'm so glad you talked to me last night on MSN. I so wish you and Nadleeh would've come, we missed you both!
PPS: Pimping the new Bakuman layout that Silver made for our journal, coz she hasn't done it yet. XP
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