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Harry Potter and Rove

I just watched Rove Live tonight with a guest segment with Daniel Radcliffe ...

I fully laughed my head off during the majority of the interview. It's kind of sad, really, since I'm sitting about a metre away from the telly in a room all by myself while the rest of the house is asleep, and laughing hysterically at Dan's face. Okay, perhaps I'm exaggerating a little.

He was cute, really. He did those arm movements that Harmony and I laughed so much about, and as I recall, he didn't say any big long words that makes us laugh as well. Yes, we laugh at the most ridiculous things.

I was quite disappointed that he was asked the same questions that you read about everywhere: Do you get recognised? How was the dancing scene? How many more HP movies are you doing? How are you with the ladies? I mean, I tend to shy away from interview transcripts and so forth most of the time to prevent myself from encountering any spoilers (and to save my internet download :p) but I practically knew all the answers to these questions ~_~

Apparently he's already in Australia filming. I knew he was doing December Boys, which was to be filmed in Australia, but I didn't expect him to be here already, seeing as it's only a few weeks away from his premieres in London and New York. Heh, busy schedule I guess. I bloody well hope he's coming to Sydney for the GoF premiere >_< I still can't believe I missed David Thewlis the last time.

Meanwhile, I still reckon he looks better with the glasses on ^_^

~ Silver
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