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Valentine's Day Cosplay Meetup

I AM MADE OF SO MUCH EPIC PHAIL. Yesterday, I forgot to bring my camera to the V-Day meeting, so I had to buy a disposable camera, except it was a crappy outdoor camera so when I developed the photos, ALL the shots turned out bad. Which is technically no surprise. So I'm sorry everyone :'( I lost the photos of all of you that I took. *Headdesk*

Fortunatelyyyy however, itakoaya was sweet enough to email me all the shots of the two of us that were taken with her camera, so at least I'm still able to do a semi-picspam, even though it's much smaller than usual:

itakoaya as Kobayakawa Sena (secretary outfit)
Harmony (myself) as Taki Suzuna (first outfit).

Hahaha I actually don't ship this pairing but I still think they're generally very cute as a pair of friends. So, in the spirit of Valentine's Day:

Rabu rabu <333 Lol we didn't finish the ice-cream by ourselves of course XD
It was shared between 6 cosplayers ~

Sena wanted to do a "21" but it ended up being 12. :P How Sena-like ...

Little errand-boy. But he looks cute when he runs ~

Sena attempting to be all seme :P

... But we all know Suzuna's the real seme here. ;D

Eyeshield 21 showing off his ultra-fast running powers.

Ready for actioooooon

And peace out. :)

... Well actually, we did take a set of purikura before we went home:

Yes, I *WILL* be doing Suzuna's Devil Bats cheerleader outfit later this year. Will post photos once it's done :)

Thank you to Anthony (and Steve?) who took most of these shots, and thank you so much to Madara and Bubble too for organizing a super-duper-fun V-Day outing. And it was great to see all you epic cosplayers again in your awesome costumes ... ILU! And a very special thanks to Ita for being such a wonderful, adorable and sweet Sena this Valentine's, ILU also <3 your wig was fantastic!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone :D And there's gonna be another ES21 cosplay next month (we'll be doing The Bando Spiders Trio) so hope you'll look out for that. ♥

~ Harmony
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