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Channel V and more Candeh

Channel V must officially be the most interesting channel out there.

I couldn't help but practically roll all over the floor laughing when James was saying something about a man who was floppy in bed (he was actually referring to Robbie Williams without saying Robbie's name), and the image that popped up straight after in juxtaposition to that statement was the video clip of Jesse McCartney singing in his brown floral sweater. Then after that, James went on advertizing the iPod Nano by saying in a deep, dramatic voice: 'it makes paper... look FAT'.

Oh, and I'm still annoyed at The Used - their lyrics really don't fit their style. Blergh. And I was laughing at Anthony Callea's new video clip where he had his black shirt half open... it made me cringe in just about the same way as when I was reading Candy Candy and the artist happened to draw Albert in a half-open black shirt.

Albert's still my favorite character because he's an admirable hero with absolute courage and compassion, but the idea of him trying to be sexxeh was just... cringe-worthy.

But then again, at other times he usually just wears the same garments all the time (I wonder if he washes them everyday, or just simply has a billion of the same articles of clothing), so I guess a half-open black shirt is a change. There was one scene too when he was actually shirtless, but seeing as I cringed for about five minutes nonstop the first time I saw it, I'll pretend I never saw it.

In other news, though: I've gotten obsessed with Candy/Albert, which is so unhealthy, seeing as I'm still loyal to my Candy/Terry at the same time. C/T may still be my one true pairing in the CC fandom, but I find Candy/Albert really, really intriguing. I've been rereading CC a few times over the past few days, and unable to restrain myself from drooling over sooooooo much delicious C/A subtext.

I'll probably list them all when Silver's already read it, in case she's reading this entry before that.

I also started reading a few Candy/Albert fanfics, although the first one I came across was a slightly OOC!Albert who became teh sappy romantic who was serenading and wooing Candy shamelessly, and the second one I came across was another slightly OOC!Albert who suddenly became teh cold, indifferent slut who slept with heaps and heaps of women and got Candy pregnant at the same time.

Then again, the idea of him with a sex drive was enough to make me almost die laughing... I'm so mean. Like I said to Silver, it's like imagining Movie!Remus with a sex drive. Oh, my poor Albert. <3

Albert (wearing those clothes that he wears all the time) and Candy.
Image from the Candyneige gallery :3

~ Harmony
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