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Still Alive ~

Yes, I'm still alive. Sorry if I haven't been online much to read and comment on your entries in the last few days - there was a blackout at my place a week or so ago, and the Internet totally died D: we got ourselves a new modem though, so it's all good now.

And a big big sorry to those of you who made a drabble request - I'm still working on them which is pretty pathetic considering how long it's been D: my writer's block is really a block.

Have some random cosplay / sewing progress.

LOL Snow White. This is the first and probably the last time I'll cosplay a Disney character? Haha it's kinda odd, since I'm so used to cosplaying animanga characters.

Will be wearing this to the lovely moonblader's party :D

Yes, it's laid out on my ugly bed XD

Most of you have probably heard me complain about how ridiculously slow I am at sewing - I seriously think I'm one of the slowest people on earth -_-;; but this time I sewed like a crazy woman, so I (thankfully) managed to get things done early, pretty much, with just a few finishing touches to go. Will hopefully finish the headband and the shoes tonight, too!

LOL I'm gonna be boiling in this costume @_@

Oh, and this reminds me -- we have an Orihime (Hueco Mundo version) for our Espada cosplay group now, which brings our group to eleven cosplayers, yay! Welcome bubblefire!! You're gonna be so hawt and so pretty <333

You-Nii got the highest in bowling coz he's terrifying D:

Many thanks to col_of_man, my baka aniki aa~haa~haa, for inviting me to your birthday party! I had so much fun, even though I majorly suck at bowling. At least my little Sena-kun and I sucked together, so I wasn't alone (lol so mean XD) and it was pretty much in character! And thank you to my girls for the gorgeous doujin anthology, you really didn't have to. ILU so much.

And speaking of birthdays ...

With all the cosplay parties / events that have been held recently, you'd probably groan if you heard there was another one coming XD But I'm afraid this one has gotta be posted, 'coz our birthdays are coming up soon:


When: Saturday, 7th March (time TBC).
Where: Madara suggested a nice early afternoon in Hyde Park, followed by karaoke and dinner at a restaurant (TBC).
Dress: Cosplaaayy ~ it's okay to use one of your old costumes or do your own interpretation of a costume or a really easy costume, but we'd love to see people in costumes :D ♥

Madara, Nadleeh and I will be cosplaying The Bando Spiders Trio, the first of our gazillion future Eyeshield cosplays.

Everyone on me and Madara's flists are invited <3 We'd like to get an idea of how many of you, and who, would like to come or think you may be able to come, so do leave a comment for us please? :D

~ Harmony
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