Silver Harmony (silverharmony) wrote,
Silver Harmony

Christmas Card Post 2008

Yay, finally got the cards finished :D A new Reborn! and a Code Geass one this year~

If you would like a Christmas card from me, please include your address in a comment or an email!!

Designs to choose from:
1) Gokudera
2) Lelouch & Suzaku
3) Santa L
4) L & Light 1
5) L & Light 2

... #3 - #5 are leftovers from last year ^^;

If you're not into fandoms, I also have normal Christmas cards too ^_^ If you comment late and I run out of the design you wanted, it might be likely that you'll receive a normal one - sorry >.< I'll try my best to send out the design you request :D

Comments will be screened =)

Also, if you're in Sydney, be sure to come to the Christmas picnic organised by glorfindel ^___^
Tags: code geass, fanart, news, reborn, xmas cards
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