Silver Harmony (silverharmony) wrote,
Silver Harmony

Join Our Espada Cosplay D:

We're doing an Espada group for Melbourne Manifest 2009 Sunday. It was originally planned as just a group with the two of us and rayfy, but somehow it magically expanded! So, after we chatted about it, we're now opening up the opportunity for anyone who's interested to come join us :D

This is most likely for Day #3 - i.e. the Sunday. We'd love to have you if you're coming to Manifest :) The Espada group also includes Privaron Espada. Who we've got so far:

Silver as Luppi

Harmony as Neliel

rayfy as Ulquiorra

ravient as Szayel

rinne_chan as Halibel (Photoshoot only)

t8_steve as Grimmjow

Sutra as Aaroniero

athira as Cirucci (Photoshoot only)

And since we've collected all his underlings anyway:

tux_masaki as Aizen

And also:

bubblefire as (Hueco Mundo) Orihime

kaiya02 as Bankai Ichigo (Photoshoot only)

We would actually also love it if somehow we can find:

A Nnoitra

A Stark

We'll also be happy to include any character who isn't on the above list (we just put up the ones that seemed easier / more realistic). We're focused mainly on Espada and Privaron Espada but we'd still love to have you if you'd rather do an Arrancar like Il Forte or a Fraccion like Tesla.

Yeah, we know we're dorks. We're unsure if people would be interested, but throwing it out there wouldn't hurt, especially if it means we could get more characters to fill up the empty spaces. SO JOIN US, FLIST!

Hope to hear from you! First and last time we're cosplaying Bleach, we swear. XD

~ Silver & Harmony
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