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In My Procrastination:

*Kicks LJ*

Just to let you guys know that our LJ email notifications aren't working, and haven't been working for weeks now. It's not a problem on the email inbox end, because we've checked our spam / blocked list and LJ isn't there (and we've been getting emails from everywhere else but LJ). We've still got our LiveJournal inbox notifications switched on and working fine, but as for everything else - well, let's just say we've had to go back repeatedly to flist entries we've commented on to check for replies to our comments.

Silver says that this seems to happen whenever there's a news update, and I've noticed that it does tend to go back to normal after a few days. Until now ~

Is anyone else having this problem? Well, in any case, until it's fixed, please drop us a PM or comment on one of the entries in this journal (i.e. not a post in a community) if there's something you want to say that you think should get our attention? We're unlikely to notice otherwise ~_~ Sorry about that.

Vocaloid Cosplay Question:

I have a ton of assignments to do and technically shouldn't be thinking about this right now, but consider this a short break >__>

I've started thinking about the Meiko costume for rinne_chan's Vocaloid group, looking at reference pictures, photos of other Meiko cosplayers, etc. This might sound like a stupid question, but I initially thought Meiko never wore anything on her arms. But how come there are so many cosplayers with different versions of long gloves, fingerless gloves, wrist cuffs, watch straps etc? Their base costumes (i.e. the top and the skirt) are all the same, but they wear different things on their arms. Is there one particular version that's... well, more "right"?

To Cosplayers on our Flist: Be my Buddehs :D

I finally got off my lazy behind and got myself a account recently (I was quite surprised that the username wasn't taken). itakoaya, I hope you don't mind that I put our 6996 photos there D:

If you're a cosplayer and you have an account on, can you please tell me your usernames so I can add you to my buddy list? That way I can keep track of your awesome costumes on the site, as well as have a list of who's who :)

(And if you end up reading my profile: after all this time in the fandom, yes, that *IS* a Bleach costume you see there! *Has piles of white fabric ready to gooo*)

~ Harmony

PS: Recently ravient was talking about posting the photos of the KHR picnic in the community. Should I go do it? Would people mind?
PPS: The new profile is horrid and makes me blind. -____-
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