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KHR Picnic Photospam (a million years late) + Halloween Reminder

Yeah, so as you can tell, this photospam is fully late XD and also courtesy of rayfy, who was the awesome photographer of these shots. Posting up these photos means that us two girls actually have photos to post, and also save Ray time from making a post of his own, as he said :P

This was such an epic picnic and we've never been to a non-convention cosplay outing before, so we had enormous fun. Thank you everyone!!

Since everyone and their mother's written a report already, we'll skip straight to the photos (which perhaps you'll be glad for XD)

Much crack ~

Millefiore Family
sunset_swish as Shouichi | gn004nadleeh as Byakuran | strawbarry_gurl as Gingerbread | minami_373 as Spanner

Vongola Family / Allies
breathless_ness as Bianchi | kurako as Adult I-Pin | t_twisted as Dino | rinne_chan as Bel | Ally as Young Squalo

Vongola Guardians
miyukiko as Tsuna | ravient as Gokudera | rayfy as Yamamoto | souseki_naora as Adult Lambo | bubblefire as Ten-Years-Later Ryohei | itakoaya as Ten-Years-Later Mukuro

Silver as Hibari | Harmony as Chrome

Most of the gang :D

Bianchi-san's poison cupcakes ♥ *__* So well-made!

Character cupcakes made by the extreme Sasagawa-san

... Who likes to frolic ...

... And cling to trees ...

... And - well, we're not too sure what these lads are up to here XD

10069 fanservice, with Mukuro feeding Byakuran a mallow :3

Millefiorean traitors XD Such awesome shirts, girls!!

Mischievous D27 lovin'

The KHR bosses (including Lambo-san as the Bovino representative :P)

6927 foolin' around

... And being BFFs 8D

Poor Lambo being assaulted by Yamamoto's foot

Giving bossu a kissu - our own reproduction of this

I-Pin using her powers

Awesome jumpsuit fanservice!! :D

Young Squalo taking a snooze.


D18 reading pr0n of themselves (how kinky)

... Which put them in a bond-y mood straight afterwards ;D

Harmony and Silver trying to look all romantic bwaaaahah XD
Chrome's pose courtesy of the over-dramatic Yamamoto-san.

Stalker!Mukuro XD No one can blame Tsuna's chilled expression ~

1827, with such a forward!seme!intimidating!Hibari <3

Bel/Squalo roll-in-the-grass action

LamPin mischief

YamaSqualo (really love this shot ♥ so in-character)

Yamamoto showing off his skills.


8059 friendly bonding :D

... As well as some romantic angsting.

Cuddly 8018 (how come Yamamoto isn't dead yet, after this shot? x_X)

Trying out Yamamoto's sword :)

Obligatory Vongolian Carousel shot - looked fun!
The two of us didn't ride, we guarded everyone's bags :D

Bianchi, smoldering as always

Affectionate RyoLambo ♥ awwwww.

Almost full group shot (Yamamoto is missing from the shot ;_;)

Tsuna seeking some comfort from Hibari-san ♥

... Followed by their own romantic angsting

Millefiore spelling out the word YAOI, and Tsuna advertising them

The Millefiore family of the picnic :D

Some sugary-sweet 6996 shots of the gorgeous itakoaya and Harmony:

Kissy shot with chilling!Mukuro ♥

In relation to this, we thought we'd end on Ray's masterpiece 'serious' shots (which weren't actually serious shots, and some of these turned out cracky, suggestive and seedy, but oh well XD). During some part of the day, Chrome and Mukuro went off together for about 15 minutes to photograph some Kokuyo Family lovin', starting off with a wannabe Victoria Beckham shot ~

So. Much. Epic. Love. Thank you to Ray, who's a kickass photographer and Yamamoto; also, to Mukuro-sama, for being the other half of these last few shots and lookin' so damn fine in the process!

Thank you also to everyone else who made the day awesome, and to Shou-chan and Byakuran-sama for being such pwnsome hosts!

rayfy told us to add that the rest of his photos are here, for easy access and viewing :D


For those of you who are attending the outing, we forgot to mention: would you mind bringing enough money for food etc? As much as the two of us would like to shout you all, we'd be dressed in rags by the following week if we did XD sorreh.

~ Silver & Harmony
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