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Holidays, Friends, Seabiscuit... and Candeh

Okay, I've just watched Seabiscuit and I'm just blown away by it. I absolutely didn't expect to like it much seeing as I'm not all that into horse-racing but dammit! And 'sides, Tobey Maguire was cute ;)

On another note - YAY! One more day of uni and I'm into my holidays. Joy! Of course I'll be working heaps but I'm really looking forward to some nice relaxation. I'll probably get fat though. *feels the glare from H*

And to the most important news: I had a project this semester where we have to photograph something related to "The Face", alter it somehow to convey a certain message and then place it digitally into a public arena. One of my best friends helped me out and she was such a help and so pretty, and thank you so so much for wasting an entire day just to slap on make-up and doing roars while I photographed you from underneath my table (uh yeah ... don't ask). Love and cuddles to you!

~ Silver

EDIT: I just thought I'd add to this entry, since Silver decided to write an entry anyway. But FOMG, my childhood obsession with Candy Candy has been rekindled. I re-read the Manga yesterday and this morning and I couldn't help but sob all the way through. I think Candy Candy is definitely part of history, and part of where modern angst developed from - I don't think I've ever read anything so sad and wonderful in my entire life.

I've been searching on ebay and everything for AAAAGES (i.e. years) for a DVD copy of the Candy Candy anime series. Unfortunately they don't seem to be producing it anymore (the reason can be found here), so a few people online are planning a petition. The Manga was a masterpiece, and they're not even producing that anymore... and I'm very fortunate to have one of the last copies ever printed. Over the holidays, I'm thinking of scanning the entire Manga onto my computer, translating it, and uploading it for everyone to enjoy. Someone out there has actually done the same, but many of the translations are incomplete. I hope to do a complete one, if I have time (and Internet space).

It is SO good, and I'm not kidding. I recommend you read it when I do eventually get it up. I can post a basic synopsis of it if anyone's interested. (There's a picture of a lion in the Candy Candy manga which I actually used as a guideline when drawing the lion that eventually became part of our G'n'H avatar/shirt).

To my absolute delight, I actually found an ACTIVE Candy Candy forum. Needless to say, I registered straight away and started posting - under Silver Harmony, of course. Not only that... but I actually found a heap of Candy Candy fanfiction!! *Joy is me*

I'm definitely going to be busy over the holidays.

Candy and Terry dancing in the center *squee* and the incredibly kind, selfless heroes Alistair (left) and Albert (right).

~ Harmony
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