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Animania 2008 with our EXTREME Reborn! Group

It's the time of the year again, and this year, Silver and Harmony were part of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! group that attended Animania in Sydney on Saturday. While we couldn't say much good about the new venue (you can read more about it below), it was enjoyable for meeting so many friendly (and familiar) faces and getting to chat and take pictures of the many cosplayers.

And of course, it was awesome fun to hang out with our group - we were lucky enough to win SECOND PLACE FOR BEST SKIT this year!! A step down from last year's gold medal win, but a silver medal ain't bad, either.

Brilliant job to the other members of our group, we're so proud of all of you. We managed despite our misfortunes onstage (not just our Ryohei's wig explosion - lol - but Harmony being sick made her dancing kind of disoriented too), and our measly (but intensive) two practice sessions. And through all the nervousness and anticipation, we pulled through!

We ended up with only one in-character full group shot, coz we were too busy taking crack photos instead lol. Hopefully once other photographers post their pics up, we'll be able to update this post with more in-character group pics ^_^

Thank you Bubby for this picture!

There were a few drawbacks with this year's Animania, like Chrome's trident being practically confiscated for half the day and Yamamoto's sword for the whole day (lucky he brought two) because they were "too dangerous". We stood there as a group and argued with the manager of Animania for about ten frustrating minutes while he explained to us that tridents were sharp and could poke someone's eye out. Uh, what? Considering what it was made of, it was so harmless and blunt that if someone was rammed with it, it would break. Our Gokudera even pointed out that the wiring she used for the fuse of her dynamites was sharper than the trident (and the chopsticks served by the food stalls, we noticed later, were also sharper than the trident). Silver also pointed out that at Mini Animania, bigger and more dangerous weapons had been carried in. But, to no avail, Harmony either had to see it go or be escorted out of the premises by security. Luckily she was able to get it back later on ~_~

Apart from that, the change in venue from last year was pretty alarming because it was so cold there and it didn't help that there was no carpet, too much open space and that practically all the doors were opened. And Harmony had been horribly, horribly sick with the flu for the four days leading up to Animania (up to the point where she seriously could barely crawl out of bed), so that super-cold venue made her clammy and shivery the whole day :( not to mention cranky after the confiscation, since she'd been working on the trident even while she was all nosebleedy and coughing-lungs-out and delirious. Though, oh, God. If you want to see her being delirious, you should see the video of us dancing onstage.

But before we'd hit the stage, we met some awesome cosplayers on the floor - it's amazing that the quality of cosplays seems to rise every year! As mentioned before, we didn't take as many photos as usual, which was regrettable, but it's good that we got what we got:


moonblader as Kusuriyuri, the medicine seller from Mononoke (thanks ravient!)

A cute Mario

sunset_swish as Zero / Lelouch and gn004nadleeh as C.C. from Code Geass, with Cheese-kun ^_^

Brook from One Piece

Mushroom Heartless from Kingdom Hearts

Ishida from Bleach

athira and her sister cosplaying as Rose of Versailles

Knight of Seven Suzaku and glorfindel as Zero from Code Geass.
Their costumes were super-impressive and we were marveling at them for ages.

Nowe from Drakengard 2 and aegwynn_aran as Soul from Soul Eater
(Thanks to everyone who told us these characters' names!)

k_chan009 as Sora and cielrose, with our Tsuna in the middle 8D


Meeko as Tsuna, ravient as Gokudera, rayfy as Yamamoto,
Suspense as Ryohei, souseki_naora as Lambo

Silver as Hibari and Harmony as Chrome


Sasagawa as the EXTREME boxer.

Lambo, Gokudera and Hibari ... and Tsuna :D

The start of our crack pictures. First with Tsuna and Hibari doing the Egyptian.

Do the swim!

A remake of this from our SMASH cosplay ~ we enjoy the ghey. Thanks ravient for the pic!
PS: Harmony's wig was a lot more blue than in these photos. The lighting in the venue was so bad ~_~


Doing the 'K!' part of our skit

Here's a more tight-arsed, Hibari-esque exaggerated version.

Chrome and Hibari's weapons got stolen!

Sasagawa becomes a Chocobo!

Chrome shakin' her tailfeather onstage, showing us all how sober she really was. Photo by Bubby ~

Us and our sickly-sweet stage faces. XD Thanks Ghost for the photo!

All the weapon-wielders! Thanks X for the photo :D


Our only group pic of us being serious =D

Harmony and Silver with our winning medals ^_^
You can see Silver's 6918 and 8018 badges

Our Gokudera, ravient, also made an adjoining report - read it here!

We'll hopefully post up a video of our skit soon!

~ Silver & Harmony
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