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ShuuKira Birthday Challenge: Voting

[The reason this poll is not on shuukira is because antha_aryn is also a participant in the contest, and as a mod she would be able to see the results if we posted it there ~ we hope for your understanding!]

Thank you so much to all the participants who helped make this contest so successful! I wasn't expecting this many entries so this was certainly a boost up for our favorite rarepair and quite an anniversary worth celebrating ♥

Here are all the entries submitted, listed by the order in which they were posted to the comm (if I've stupidly missed any, please let me know). Please indicate your TOP THREE favorite entries in each category by putting the number (i.e. 01, 02 etc) in the text fields. We will give your first choice three points, your second choice two points and your third choice one point. We know that many of you may be busy but we ask that contest participants (and other comm members too!) please make an effort to vote, to show appreciation for your fellow authors' and artists' hard work!

We know that this is a lot of entries to go through so we'll give you about a week to swim through them - meaning that the poll will close and the winners will be announced on AUGUST 31. So, get votin'!


01. A Lesser Evil by fearnottheflame
02. The One Word by calm_isolation
03. When Evening Falls So Hard by jamminbison
04. Half A Dozen by erinilliana
05. Give My Gun Away When It's Loaded by saffronlover
06. Kaleidoscope by antha_aryn
07. The Penitent One by creepy_crawly
08. One Thing Only by liralen
09. Something To Prove by vayshti
10. One Breath by talalkhemiyst
11. Fragility by day_eight
12. First In Best Dressed by chibi_zoe
13. It Takes Two... by annieroo2
14. 12345780 by myojo_s_me
15. Rituals by gryffin_draco
16. Not The Only One by ainnahas

Poll #1245588 Fanfic Contest Entries
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Second Choice

Third Choice


01. Untitled Comic by ceestar
02. Untitled Comic by letainajup
03. Untitled Comic by erinilliana
04. Untitled Fanart by jamminbison
05. One Heartbeat Away by fearnottheflame
06. Untitled Comic by animationgrl

Poll #1245589 Fanart Contest Entries
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Third Choice

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